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Tip me – Global tip

Sneaker label, ethletic, and the denim label, DAWN Denim, are doing it now. What has long been part of a common and indispensable business model in restaurants and bars, has been established for other industries since 2018 by the founders of the start-up, Tip me. A tip as a sign of appreciation for those people who sew our sneakers, t-shirts, jeans, etc.

Tip me cannot provide better working conditions in the textile industry. But what the four founders are doing with a single click is improving the extremely low wages of producers, at least a bit. With a minimum wage of just over 100 Euros per month, another Euro per month can make a big difference, if the consumer participates.

How Tip me for the buyer works?

If you shop at one of the participating online shops or brands, you can leave a tip of one to five Euros during the payment process, which will be added to the purchase price. This money is fully passed on to workers in the supply chain – the seamstress himself or herself.

A sign of appreciation for the sweater she sewed or the sneakers he made.

Why Tip me is so important?

The economic impact of Corona in producing countries like Cambodia and Vietnam is massive, since global fashion brands have cancelled their orders worldwide. The production facility of the jeans label, DAWN Denim, which has been producing in its own factory in Saigon, Vietnam for five years, is also in the midst of the crisis. Therefore, the two creators of the jeans label, which was awarded 100/100 points in the Brand Performance Check of the Fair Wear Foundation in 2019, decided to make a statement and introduced a global tip for employees at their factory in Vietnam.

DAWN started with the goal to prove that fair denim production is possible. Therefore, the brand wants to go beyond fair working conditions and connect the customers directly with the people behind the product. Learn more about DAWN Denim here or go directly to the online shop.

Tip me
Factory in Saigon

Tip me Tipster @ Ethletic

With the world’s first sneaker with the Fairtrade seal of approval, ethletic has launched a new era of sustainability. For some time now, the ethletic pioneers have been continuing their initiatives to improve the living conditions of seamstresses in Pakistan with tip me. Every third person already uses this new opportunity.

Right now, we would like to especially recommend tip me to our customers. In countries like Pakistan, there is no social safety net or financial security. Job losses mean a fall into the abyss. Our community is very much aware of this and is currently even increasing its donations via tip me, even without placing an order. That’s impressive“, says Marc Solterbeck, CEO of ethletic.

Learn more about tip me and ethletic.