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Corona, climate & global common good

The renowned climate researcher Georg Kaser has given up optimism and pessimism. He can only talk about chances and opportunities. And what are they? “We can learn a lot from what is happening right now. This is about the global common good.”

Georg Kaser spends his home office time in Karthaus in the Schnals Valley in South Tyrol. Every day he exchanges ideas with his colleagues who are scattered all over the world.

“Climate change is far greater and more problematic than Corona will ever be.”

Even though the topic of climate change has disappeared somewhat from the media, intensive work is being done behind the scenes to bring back into the public’s conscious as quickly as possible what the state of our world is and what we can expect if no countermeasures are taken.

“The Corona crisis attacked us from behind and suddenly we were there. For most people, the climate crisis is still ahead of them, even though climate change has already begun.”

Because the experts agree: the challenges of the coming years will be much greater, Corona is at most a foretaste. “We can learn from this time,” says Georg Kaser, “I see opportunities that are currently available, but I also see the complexity. It is about nothing less than the global common good.”

Presenter Susanne Barta about Georg Kaser

Susanne Barta, who moderates the discussion with Georg Kaser is in constant contact with the expert. His humor and his untiring commitment to a better world are what, in her eyes, particularly distinguishes him, in addition to all his scientific merits.

We look forward to welcoming Georg Kaser live on the podium at one of the next editions of the GREENSTYLE conference.