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#bettertogether: Save the future of GREENSTYLE

The 4th edition of GREENSTYLE munich could not take place due to the corona crisis. The cancellation came on the day of the event. All costs were incurred and no income generated. The existence of the GREENSTYLE munich fair, which anyway already worked according to the motto karma instead of cash, is threatened. Therefore we started a Corona relief action on Startnext.


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Location rental, stand construction, furniture, staff and printing costs for the GMUC book. In addition, the Italian brands were not allowed to participate due to Corona. In short: Organizing an event with 50 brands and a conference with 30 speakers is not only a lot of work. It is also expensive. Additionally, due to the cancellations the income was accordingly low. Not to mention that the cancellation caused further costs; and a start-up like GREENSTYLE cannot afford that.

Donate now to save the GREENSTYLE.

But we won’t give up and don’t want to let anyone down. That’s why we are busy building a VIRTUAL GREENSTYLE. On the virtual platform, we provide visibility for the eco brands, who could not exhibit their products at the 4th edition. This is where the first conference themes will be presented as soon as possible.

We have set up a fundraising campaign with the support of Startnext. 

In order to continue our work for small eco brands and to save the event in the long run, we will temporarily move them onto virtual platform. Therefore, we urgently need your financial support.

#bettertogether: Donate now.

Claudia (LIVALIKE) sews masks from the GOOD bags. Great idea and thanks a lot.

We have collected karma points that we are happy to share. All other goodies to save the GREENSTYLE can be found on our Startnext page >>>