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Jasmin Huber

Jasmin Huber – WeDress Collective

Jasmin Huber put her many years of experience in sustainability, circular economy and fair fashion into her sharing platform WeDress Collective in March 2020.

Jasmin Huber, a Viennese by choice, swapped her job as a sustainability consultant and auditor at KPMG Austria GmbH for self-employment in 2020. In March she brought together her many years of study and business experience in the areas of sustainability and circular economy as well as her private interest in fair fashion and mindful consumption in a project of her own.

WeDress Collective makes consumption sustainable and makes “new” fashion fun with a smaller ecological footprint.

With the aim of enjoying “new” fashion without contributing to overconsumption, Jasmin founded the peer-to-peer platform WeDress Collective in 2020. It offers the possibility of borrowing and lending high-quality fashion from private to private. Because the WeDress system combines consumption with sustainability and creates a larger selection of clothes with a smaller ecological footprint. WeDress makes fashion circular. WeDress Collective is available in Berlin, Munich and Vienna. Deliveries are made emission-free via bicycle courier only in your own city.

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