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Kim Gerlach

Kim Gerlach – sun & rise.

Kim Gerlach advises, coaches and supports with her agency sun & rise. sustainable start-ups (mimycri) and fashion fairs (Helsinki Fashion Week, Prepeek @ neonyt, GREENSTYLE) in terms of innovation and sustainability

A lot has happened since Kim Gerlach decided not to buy fast fashion for a year in 2015. She started her blog Kim goes eko, she completed the master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainability in Sweden, and became Chief Sustainability Officer in Robin Balser’s start-up team for the social business of VinoKilo. In short, Kim Gerlach has dedicated herself to the topic of sustainability. At all levels.

Kim wants to make sustainability aesthetically sophisticated and easier to understand.

Kim currently lives in Berlin, has renamed her page to “sun & rise”, coaches, advises, supports and has her fingers everywhere: as a startup coach for social innovation and sustainability, as a moderator at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the PrePeek by Neonyt, GREENSTYLE etc., as supporter / consultant for Helsinki Fashion … Current project: The crowdsourced Instagram account @consciousconceptsofcolor, which gives BIPOC owned brands in Europe more visibility.

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