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Melina Heinze

Melina Heinze – NRNY

Just like her co-founder Janina Hoffmann, Melina Heinze dealt intensively with the dark side of the fashion industry before and during her textile technology and management studies in Reutlingen. The result? The foundation of the digital rental platform NRNY.

The founding of the fashion sharing platform NRNY is a logical answer to the ethical questions in the clothing industry that Melina Heinze was already preoccupied with before her studies. It was there that she became friends with her co-founder Janina Hoffmann and finally the first concept of a rental platform for fashion. After deep insights into the textile industry at a large sports fashion manufacturer and during a research project in Tamil Nadu, India, she decided to put NRNY into action.

Two years later, based on a concept of a business plan seminar, her answer to the ever-increasing and excess of the fashion industry emerged. The peer sharing model NRNY promotes communal consumption and the new way of thinking that goes with it, in order to make a contribution to sustainable economic activity.

A successful crowdfunding campaign was carried out to finance the development of the web app and the final implementation of the digital rental platform NRNY [‘narni] in December 2020. The project is supported by a NRW start-up grant. Malina and Janina have been working in the co-working space at the Entrepreneurship Center in Witten since they were founded.

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