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Isa Konga

Isa Konga – Yoga Konga

Yoga teacher, mother, model, mechanical engineer and founder of the Yoga Konga label, with which she gives visibility to her enthusiasm for early African yoga practices

(Lu)Isa Konga is an all-rounder who is committed to her issues at all levels. What is special about her company, which she founded in 2019? She specializes in Smai Tawi, African yoga. Her label’s items, which is made exclusively from organic bamboo and dyed with indigo, reflects these roots.

In an ideal world everyone would be the projection of his true being. Let’s create this unlimited world together.

Her label is more than fashion. Yoga Konga is her way to give an insight into sustainability, yoga and especially Kemetic Yoga, African spirituality, fabrics, symbolism, sustainability and empowerment.

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