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Janina Hoffmann

Janina Hoffmann – NRNY

Even during her textile technology and textile management studies in Reutlingen, Janina Hoffmann asked herself how the fashion system can be revolutionized in the long term. Your answer is called NRNY and is a digital (rental) lending platform for consumers.

“On a sea full of visions for a sustainable fashion industry, Janina sailed through the ups and downs of a fashion design and textile technology degree in search of a meaningful economic system in order to discover the small island of clothes-sharing. There she is with her fellow student Melanie Heinze “stranded” and today they are building a new continent full of creativity. NRNY [‘narni]. “

Our greatest motivation? Helping to shape a sustainable market.

The two NRNY founders met at the beginning of their studies in 2014 in Reutlingen. The first version of their digital lending platform was created in 2017 in a university course. In 2019 they were among the 6 finalists of the NUK business plan competition. Instead of starting the crowdfunding campaign for NRNY in March 2020, the two of them first developed the voucher platform as part of #WirVsVirus to help retailers through the corona crisis. NRNY was realized in December 2020. With a successful crowdfunding campaign and the NRW start-up grant.

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