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202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit @ Berlin Fashion Week

202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit @ Berlin Fashion Week

The 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit by Studio MM04 will enter the third round from March 15th to 17th, 2022. As part of the Berlin Fashion Week, international pioneers and experts from interdisciplinary disciplines will discuss innovations and solutions for a more sustainable fashion industry.

For three days, the conference 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, which will be organized in a hybrid manner for the first time, will deal with regenerative fashion systems and the question of how positive impact can be implemented in existing systems. Innovations and solutions for the further development of linear to circular systems will be discussed. How to save resources, reduce the impact on humans, animals and nature and slow down or ideally reverse climate change in the long term.

The approach that the organizers – the sustainability experts Magdalena Schaffrin and Max Gilgenmann – are pursuing with their conference goes far into the systems and organizations. It is about the common good, justice and inclusion. A simple change is too narrow an approach for the two Berlin visionaries and their partners. This is about the change of entire systems, which should lead to a fairer, more social and more diverse society.

The Transformation of Fashion is now.

Speakers include representatives of the Austrian fiber producer Lenzing, the rating platform Good on You, as well as speakers from industry, science and NGOs such as Kim Scholze from Sympathex, Ina Budde from, Lisa Jaspers from Folkday Berlin, and Lavina Muth by Armedangels or Fashion Revolution co-founder Orsola de Castro.


Program: March 15 to 17, 2022 from 3 p.m. to 6.30 p.m

Day 1 | 15/03/22 Global Perspective How can we create fashion that includes repair mechanisms for the planet, people, culture and economy?

Day 2 | 16/03/22 Local Perspective How can we empower local fashion communities, businesses and innovators to strive for a caring, shared and regenerative future?

Day 3 | 17/03/22 Recommendations for action How can we create trust through holistic quality standards for product, design and production processes?

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Organized by: Study MM04 in cooperation with Sqetch and The Beneficial Design Institute.

Pictures: ©Foli Creppy