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Bahhareh Karimi

Bahhareh Karimi – IMAIMA

As a young Muslim in Berlin in the 1990s, Bahhareh Karimi could not adequately express her love for fashion. With her own label IMAIMA, she makes fashion for like-minded people today.

Bahhareh Karimi, the daughter of Iranian parents, discovered her love for fashion early. In her father’s small fashion store. Growing up in a Muslim family in Berlin was not easy for a youngster interested in fashion in the 1990s. Her love for fashion could not be reconciled with religion and culture. Today Bahhareh makes fashion for women by women.

IMAIMA is weaving stories inspired by a woman’s life, her identity, and her love for culture.

After studying at the HTW in Berlin, she completed her Master of Arts in London and finally founded her label IMAIMA. She finds inspiration in untold stories, different cultures and different perspectives from women. Her collections are produced in her own factory in India, where men and women have equal access to jobs in the region thanks to IMAIMA.

Bahhareh Karimi has been responsible for theater educational projects as a language mediator since 2015 to accompany refugee children and young people.

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