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Green Product Award

Green Product Award – Nominees 2023 @ Neonyt Düsseldorf

The nominees for the Green Product Award have been chosen. The winning products and capsule collections from the fashion sector in the subcategories of clothing, accessories, bags and shoes will be awarded for the first time at the Neonyt in Düsseldorf.

Handbags made from strawberry leather, backpacks made from banana fibers or shoes made from cactus fibers as well as zero waste design, take-back systems, recycling approaches. Exciting products and collections from the Green Product Award finalists from 14 countries can now be viewed online and look forward to our vote for the audience award until July 20, 2023.

Unfortunately, we cannot present all brands here. That’s why there is a small selection here – our GREENSTYLE brands:

And this is the jury:

Belvis Soler, Luxiders // Rosan van Boven, co-founder Fabriek Fris & co-founder Anderlus // Sebastian Thies, CEO Nat-2 & Thies // Petra Schmatz, editor-in-chief Sous & green lifestyle // Ulrike Kähler, managing director Igedo Exhibitions

Green Product Award

Beosh (Germany)

Bags made from cactus leather // Vegan alternative to animal leather

The bags made of vegan cactus leather are made in small factories in Germany and are aimed at stylish and conscious people. Plus: Support for ocean projects that the buyers can have a say in themselves.
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Green Product Award

Alexandra Svendsen (Germany)

Cube Antarctic Summer Bag // Sustainability in every detail? This works out!

Alexandra Svendsen‘s “Cube Antarctic Summer” evening bag is inspired by the optically clear purity and the fascinating beauty of Antarctic nature. Certified ingredients from Germany are used: cowhide with multiple organic certifications, PET yarn, cotton. Some metal parts come from Italy because they are not available in Germany.
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Green Product Award

Wellicious (Germany)

Yoga wear // Biodegradable yoga clothing

Wellicious relies on a biodegradable and circular yoga collection. The Cradle to Cradle Certified® line is the result of six years of intensive research in the field of sustainable material development. Wellicious proves that style, functionality and environmental awareness don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
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Green Product Award

Montreet (Austria)

TakeMeBack* // recyclable outdoor fashion

The environmentally friendly (recycled / resource-saving materials) and functional outdoor fashion for women and men is available as a basic version and in limited artist editions (local artists!) for cycling, running and climbing. With the MONTREET*TakeMeBack system, rent, return of purchased goods that are no longer required and second-hand purchases are integrated into the business model.
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Green Product Award

RE49 (Italy)

Upcycling Shoes // Everything we do today is for the children of tomorrow.

Shoes made from reclaimed, reused and regenerated materials. Nicola Massolini’s mission is to transform discarded items into precious, limited-edition works of art. RE49 shoes are a message of love to the planet.
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Green Product Award

MAQU (Germany)

Shiringa // the first vegan Maqu shoe

The Shiringa (also known as the rubber tree) grows wild in the Amazon rainforest. Its milky juice (latex) is extracted by hand and made into sheets of rubber. In this way, indigenous communities can obtain latex sustainably without decimating the stock.
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The nominees can be viewed here >>>

Save the Date für Green Product Award 2024

7.09. Standard Deadline
7.11. Late Bird Deadline
7.12. Publication of the nominees
7.12.-22.01.24 Audience choice & jury
Awards ceremony in March

About the Green Product Award
For the last 10 years, the international Green Product Award has honored products that stand out through sustainability, innovation and design. The award offers start-ups and established companies feedback on their submissions and, after nomination, a package of services to make their own achievements visible.
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