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Montreet – sustainable Outerwear

Nadine Schratzberger from Vienna has managed with Montreet (until the end of 2019: Nasch Sportswear) to develop a unisex jacket that not only meets the functional requirements of three sports, but is also at the forefront in terms of sustainability. The eye-catcher factor of your recyclable collections is provided by the Viennese artist BOICUT.

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RoQua – make it yours

Very short? Perfectly fitting clothes, made in Germany – Myriam Chebance, who lives in Munich, has developed her successful made-to-order concept into a contemporary “make it yours” concept. No overproduction, no delivery routes, no bad purchases. And no compromise.

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Kranz – munich organic leather

Company founder, Nikolaus Schötz, is doing things differently with his men’s belt manufacturing company. Vegetable-tanned leather is often referred to as eco-leather. The type of animal husbandry is irrelevant.

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