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RoQua – make it yours

Very short? Perfectly fitting clothes, made in Germany - Myriam Chebance, who lives in Munich, has developed her successful made-to-order concept into a contemporary "make it yours" concept. No overproduction, no delivery routes, no bad purchases. And no compromise.

Coat, blazer, top, dress, skirt and trousers – based on these six product groups, you get the perfect piece of clothing at Myriam Chebance from RoQua. The cut matches the figure, the fabric is chosen by the customer, the colors match the existing wardrobe and type. The result? Perfect fit, unique items of clothing, individual look. High quality, durable, made in Germany and zero waste. The perfect companion.

Welcome to the RoQua Story

What was originally planned as a prêt-à-porter boutique in Munich, Myriam Chebance developed into an exciting made-to-order label in 2007. ROQUA is perfectly fitting fashion based on her own designs. All pieces are individually configured so that the wearer’s fashion adapts and becomes a long-term companion. Without long transport routes, because made in Germany. Without overproduction, because production only takes place when the order is placed. High quality and durable clothing that makes fashion what it is again. Elaborately crafted items of clothing that should be cherished. So the original idea …

Slow fashion, zero waste, custom made.

The dress fits, but you don’t like the color? The pattern is perfect, but the fit is not okay? Instead of quantity, RoQua relies on individual advice. It puts an end to compromises and the new item of clothing becomes a long-lasting companion. Production only takes place after ordering. The benefit? No waste of resources through overproduction, no textile waste, less CO2, more joy and appreciation for fashion thanks to the perfect fit.

Brand new and in line with the zeitgeist: the “make it yours” concept by Myriam Chebance.

Your vision has not changed with “make it yours”. Only the implementation has moved with the times. Myriam Chebance still relies on fashion without restrictions in terms of size, color and material. In her repertoire? The whole range of cuts for the perfect garment. The “make it yours” package includes individual style advice, an individual style profile, and three designs to choose from, including the designer’s favorite. The pattern configuration is implemented together from the collar to the hem. Fabric, lining, colors and ingredients take place together as well as taking measurements together.

That’s how it works:

Your cut, suitable for your figure and your ideas
Your fabric, matching your selection and your wishes
Your colors, matching your type and your wardrobe
Four steps to the perfect dress


This is consistent: RoQua permanently offers free repairs because they are convinced of their own quality and want the garments to last forever.

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