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Kranz – munich organic leather

Company founder, Nikolaus Schötz, is doing things differently with his men's belt manufacturing company. Vegetable-tanned leather is often referred to as eco-leather. The type of animal husbandry is irrelevant.

That is why Kranz works exclusively with leather from cattle from the foothills of the Bavarian and the Austrian mountain region, which are kept in exemplary ecological conditions.

Kranz’s principle? Value that does not only scratch the surface.

Chrome is not used. This chemical element, which is used for tanning leather, is too harmful for humans and the environment. Instead, the leather is tanned with vegetable tanning agents in oak barrels with water power from the mill stream of the tannery.

© Kranz

Crafts at the foothills of the Alps – Kranz

The wonderfully minimalist belt buckles are cast at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. A rarity, as this craft has almost completely migrated from Germany. Good to know: The water used is treated so that it can be fed back into the mountain rivers.

Ludwig, Leopold, Prinzregent & Co.

It goes without saying that the men’s belts manufactured in Southern Germany bear names typical of the region: Ludwig, Leopold, Prinzregent, Rosenheimer and Franziskaner – the use of Munich street names for the collection is a reminiscence of the home of the belts. Kranz’s home is in Bavaria and this is also where the production takes place – from the leather to the buckle to the bag in which the belts are delivered.

© Kranz

Made in Germany? Not at Kranz. Here the claim is “Made in Southern Germany!

And where does the name come from? When driving down the mountain pastures, mountain farmers proudly decorate the heads of their cattle with wreaths of flowers. This sustainable manual work inspired Nikolaus Schötz to call his belt manufacturing company, Kranz.

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