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C/OVER – innovative zero waste knit

Christine Overbeck has been gathering experience in the fashion business around the world for over ten years. The Munich native brought her know-how and her fascination for textiles and their importance together in C/OVER (stands for the founder Christine Overbeck) in 2021 and has been working on innovative concepts and techniques for knitwear ever since.

Munich, London, Paris, Milan, Trebaseleghe, Antwerp, Salzburg, Singapore, Shanghai, Jinshan, Lucerne, Jemnice and Porto. The list of places where Christine Overbeck has worked since studying fashion design (Istituto Marangoni) reads like a trip around the world. The C/OVER founder has gotten around a lot. And she brought a lot of experience with her from her positions at Moncler, Balenciaga, Daniel Andresen Antwerp and Steffie Christiaens, among others.

For me, knitting is a never-ending fascination. There are so many techniques, innovations and ways to create something. Christine Overbeck.

The fact that Christine, who also has a master’s degree in product design and management with a specialization in textiles at the University of Lucerne (Switzerland), does so many things right – and above all differently – has not remained hidden. Christine received awards even before she started working. Her graduation collection was awarded VOGUE TALENT 2009. Exhibitions in Moscow and grants in Singapore, Shanghai and Florence followed. Christine was financially supported and coached by the EU Commission when setting up her C/OVER label, which was launched in Munich in 2021.

What has Christine written on her agenda?

Development of a Zero Waste technique (Whole Garment Knit) to avoid waste in the production process
Creation of a new knitting aesthetic through contemporary vintage patterns
Cost savings by shortening the value chain
Innovative design for zero-waste production
On-demand and made-to-measure production to avoid overproduction.

The first C/OVER garment? A reinterpreted classic. Christine has breathed a lot of innovative zeitgeist into the little black dress. Developed and programmed using the latest knitting technology. After all, further development is Christine’s passion. For this line, the Munich native works with the whole-body knitting technique on circular knitting machines in Portugal. The seasonal knitwear is made in Portugal.

© Quirin Leppert

Drahdi, the knitted dress, comes out of the machine ready-made. No cropping. No sewing. no trash Plus maximum comfort because it adapts to every body.

This zero waste approach runs consistently through the concept: At the end of the wearing cycle, Drahdi can be sent back to Christine. Then what happens? The material is biodegradable and is professionally recycled by the designer. Her latest project reC/OVER follows the same idea. Because textiles are a precious resource, they are transformed into new favourites. Collection pieces made from upcycled textiles such as vintage fabrics and preloved fashion. She also involves customers in this process and calls on them to donate items of clothing that can be redesigned together.


Good to know:

With her innovative knitting concept, Christine Overbeck is not only addressing end consumers. She also makes her expertise available to other companies (B2B). The FIO earring line was created in collaboration with the Portuguese jewelry designer Rita Botelho. There are two knitting machines in her Munich studio. Here, among other things, the colorful, handmade scarf collection made of sustainable mohair was created.

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