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Wellicious – Cradle to Cradle certified yoga wear

The idea behind the yoga brand Wellicious? To offer yogawear that is as stylish as it is sustainable. It was extremely stylish right from the start. With the Cradle-to-Cradle certification in 2022, the sustainability aspect was increased. Biodegradable, long-term compostable, circular - as the first yoga brand in the world. It couldn't be more sustainable.

Heike Petersen Cunza combined her enthusiasm for yoga with her ecological commitment and founded the yoga brand Wellicious in 2007. Even then, the topics of sustainability and sustainable production conditions were top priority for her. Her goal? To create stylish clothing that meets her claim to ecological principles and at the same time shakes up the fashion industry. It proves that there is another way. And here the German-Peruvian didn’t do things by halves, but put everything on one card.


In order to learn the necessary “tools” for her dedicated project, Heike has completed a Sustainable Supply Chain course at Cambridge University. She is now able to check every single step of the production process and ensure a transparent, ethical and environmentally friendly build businesses.

The fashion industry is a dirty bastard. That is why we focus on sustainable thinking.

Research, trials, discards and revisions took place for a total of six years until Heike was satisfied with the result. Rightly so. Because the yoga tops, bras and pants with a focus on sophisticated cuts, a perfect fit and a minimalist look are the first Cradle to Cradle certified, long-term compostable premium yoga fashion collection. What played into the hands of the dedicated founder? Exciting breakthroughs in sustainable materials that she was able to use for her own project.


Wellicious holds a gold “Cradle to Cradle” certification as well as a platinum award for the materials used. And getting it is anything but easy. The challenge with functional clothing is to maintain the function while at the same time meeting the demands of sustainability. In this case: elasticity. Wellicious owes the elasticity of the collection to the first biodegradable elastane, which the Hohenstein Institute has classified as “non-ecotoxic”.


100% made in Europe: Yarns, fabrics through to the finished collection pieces.

The London and Munich based brand’s collection is made from fully biodegradable and certified fibres. The use of harmful chemicals is generally avoided. The dyeing processes are strictly controlled, no waste water is produced. All Wellicious products and suppliers are from Europe. And at the end of the life cycle? The clothes are broken down into organic nutrients and recycled. Good to know: All Wellicious parts can be returned to the manufacturer. Wellicious recycles the goods. The customer receives a 10 percent discount on her next purchase. Yes, this is how cycles can be closed….

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