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RESPCT.ME Gallery – art meets fashion

With the opening of the Respct.Me Gallery, Munich has gained an unconventional but (fairly) curated location. Because Susanne Bleicher-Kaikkis combines art that inspires change with fashion from art-oriented fair labels from all over Europe in her small but extremely fine gallery at Reichenbachstrasse 36.

Ethics meets aesthetics. With her RESPCT.ME project, Susanne Blaicher-Kaikkis wants to make mindfulness attractive. With aesthetic products from selected artists from the fields of fashion, art, interior design, an inspiring shopping experience and events.

The RESPCT.ME journey started in Munich’s Kanalstrasse. Since October 2023, the sustainable Chamber of Wonders with game changer ambitions can be found in Donnersbergerstr. 26 with a surprisingly diverse and constantly changing program.

From season to season, she devotes her art and fashion space to contemporary themes, which she fills with appropriate objects, valuables and fancy products. This is about exciting, contemporary and sometimes ahead of the times art that deals with the topic of upcycling and unique finds. These exhibits are combined – wonderfully synergetically – with artistically inspired and fairly produced fashion: individual styles from the highlights of small, interesting collections, upcycling one-offs and exciting finds.


Away from the crowd. Always to the point.

Included are the timeless avant-garde pieces by Rundholz, exhibits by the Viennese new-build artist Lena Kvadrat, and innovative knitting art by the Umerica series. Under the motto “deconstructed couture” there are exhibits from the Berlin label Tata Christina, which works with ecological materials, recycled textiles, upcycling, vintage fabrics and originals found in forgotten cities – always in small quantities. The jackets and scarves from the Masha Maria brand are also a real insider tip: the editions are very limited, since Olga Kotova only uses vintage wool blankets as a resource, which she tracks down at the flea markets in and around Amsterdam..

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