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VHS cassette dress // CRUBA at the Oscars 2024

While three German filmmakers (İlker Çatak, Wim Wenders and Sandra Hülser) are hoping for one or more Oscars, one of us has already been awarded an Oscar in advance. CRUBA founder and designer Mira von der Osten. For her cassette dress.

We are awarding the Oscar at the 96th Academy Awards here today to Mira von der Osten. Not for a film, because Mira makes fashion. And in this case the dress for Donata Wenders. The photographer and wife of filmmaker Wim Wenders will wear the VHS cassette dress by the Berlin CRUBA designer on the red carpet.

The Oscar dress for Donata Wenders: hand-knitted from videotapes by CRUBA

The dress was knitted from three VHS film cassettes. “Paris, Texas”, “Sky over Berlin” and “Tokyo-Ga” – all three Wim Wenders films. All three of his wife’s favorite films.

Going to the Oscars in a magnetic tape dress from the Oscar nominee’s films… This is where the past, future and present come together! Donata Wenders on her Oscar dress from CRUBA.

CRUBA stands for innovative and sustainable fashion and is at home in Berlin. And this is exactly where Mira von der Osten finds her inspiration. CRUBA is inspired by the dynamism of the city while combining local craftsmanship and high-quality materials. CRUBA creates slow fashion. And in this case, slow fashion with history.

The dress tells a unique story that combines nostalgia with sustainability. It took about six weeks and well-trained craftsmen to create this red carpet look. Mira von der Osten, CRUBA

Congrats, Mira! It was a great pleasure meeting you at Hong Kong Fashion Week @ CENTRESTAGE in 2023. Thank you, Florian Müller (Müller PR & Consulting), for the maximally inspiring curation of this travel group! You rock (both of you).


Currently available as VCR Sweater >>>
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Good to know: Donata Wenders created the dream sequences for the film “Perfect Days”, which was directed by Wim Wenders and nominated for the best international film.