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DER BERLINER SALON // Highlights of Berlin Fashion Week

At the start of Berlin Fashion Week, almost 40 designers showed their multifaceted creations in the Kronprinzenpalais Unter den Linden. As always, curated by Christiane Arp (Chairwoman of the Fashion Council). The focus: promoting Berlin talent.

After DER BERLINER SALON has repeatedly changed premises, it has now returned to its original location, the Kronprinzenpalais, for the second time. That feels good and right. A truly wonderful place. Especially in summer when the garden can be used for shows.

My Highlights at DER BERLINER SALON?

Some. I’ll pick out a few labels to watch:

Bye-bye, 80s neon look. Hello, contemporary optics. This is how skiwear works today.

ELHO Freestyle

This is a very personal thing. I’m a child of the 70s. So I have known ELHO from the beginning. The neon-colored ski suits that suddenly brought a breath of fresh air to the ski slopes will never be forgotten. Until they disappeared again. And now the Munich brand is back. With new clothes. I caught a first look at @ispo. And DER BERLINER SALON now allows a second look at the exciting pieces before the collection is launched on October 24.

Upcycling deluxe: we love every piece from Avenir.

Avenir Berlin

Once discovered and never lost sight of. I have been following Sophie Claussen’s upcycling brand since it was founded in 2020. What a development! What an impressive collection. Unfortunately I missed their show this time because I had to go back to MUC. I remember their production 2-3 seasons ago all the more, which showed what a fashion show with a message can look like. #rethinkfashion

DER BERLINER SALON: Société Angelique
Societé Angelique: Transparency in all phases – from design to customer.

Societé Angelique

Fashion has to do more than just follow marketing strategies. I agree that Angelika Kammann, who worked internationally for renowned brands before setting up her own brand in 2020, is 100 percent right. Wonderfully refreshing. (It’s nice that we were able to talk in detail in the queue in front of the Grill Royal). @societe__angelique

DER BERLINER SALON: International Citizen
Zamt Berlin: Inspired by art and architecture. Designed in Berlin. Ethically made in Europe.

Zamt Berlin

Once Zamt (good to know: not “Zamt” but “velvet”), always Zamt. It’s always a pleasure to see (and touch!) the beautifully designed and timeless bags and accessories from the Berlin duo around Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt. Brand new in the range and sniffed for the first time at the @seek.tradeshow beschnuppert: the Zamt fragrances. @zamtberlin

MARKE works exclusively with materials from surplus and remaining stocks from Italian manufacturers.


Passed by. Deemed beautiful. And photographed. It’s a shame that I couldn’t find any further information about the label locally.

DER BERLINER SALON: International Citizen
International Citizen produces from responsible textile suppliers under the highest ecological, social and ethical standards.

International Citizen

Aside from the fact that I think the idea of ​​the name is great (the label follows the philosophy that we are not citizens of a country, but of planet Earth.), I fell in love with these suits at first sight. Tailored to the point. @international_citizen_official

Funding program of the Fashion Council Germany in partnership with the Swarovski Foundation and The King’s Foundation for young fashion and textile designers

Fashion x Craft x Tencel

The FCG funding program has produced some exciting collections. Above all, I am pleased about the participation of Ronja Beckmann, whom I was able to get to know and accompany in my role as a mentor and jury member at the textile accelerator #stoffimkopf at Reutlingen University. @tamieh_label

We like: After the group exhibition DER BERLINER SALON was reserved for invited guests on Monday, it was opened to the public on Tuesday.

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