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HACOY – making individuals feel comfortable

Inspired by the changes in the world of work caused by the pandemic, the first HACOY collection was created in January 2022. Sustainable fashion (not only) for the home office. Split shirts made from high quality linen that are well and fairly produced.

Maximilian Rupp started his fashion label HACOY in January 2021. In the middle of the pandemic. And at that time still active in the e-commerce sector of a Munich handbag brand. With his first HACOY collection, which was launched in early 2022, Maximilian hit the zeitgeist directly: in search of the perfect wardrobe for the home office, he developed minimalist unisex shirts and blouses with a detachable tie. Made of airy linen. From Lithuania. In order to keep transport routes short and to make the supply chain as transparent as possible.

A charity school project in Tanzania and the shocking dimensions of the mountains of rubbish in the immediate vicinity of the local residents have made Maximilian aware of the issue of the environment.


And this experience has also paved the way for a sustainable fashion brand

Maximilian developed a discount app while studying fashion (Master in Fashion Brand Management // Polimoda Florence). To this end, he has worked with fast fashion brands to encourage students to buy cheaper fashion. Fashion that they actually don’t need.

Both experiences had such a strong influence on the Munich man that he not only founded an environmentally friendly and high-quality label with HACOY, but also developed a program with “Circular Orbit” that extends the life cycle of his timeless and high-quality clothing. Be it through event-related loan, (free!) repairs, the repurchase of a piece of clothing, the redesign of pieces or – launching soon – the Revive Service, where something new is created from leftovers.

The goal of ‘Circular Orbit?’ To reduce the need for new fashion and preserve the beauty we have already created. Maximilian Rupp

Maximilian Rupp wants to slow down the fashion industry with his label. That’s why he creates seasonal clothing in the most sustainable way possible. Instead of major collection changes, HACOY relies on careful updates by adding new colors or replacing individual designs.

Happiness, comfort and joy – the HACOY principles are reflected in all collections through innovative and playful designs, joy of color and authentic quality.

Maximilian also applied the slow fashion approach to his next drop:

A small but very fine swim and activewear collection was launched in mid-2022. Two bikinis, leggings and sports bras for women, and swim shorts, workout pants and t-shirts for men. Typical HACOY: The innovative bikini design allows for many styling options to create an individual look.

Also responsible for the design of the Made in Italy swimwear collection is Romana Tricoli, who designs in her native Italy and ensures that only certified fabrics and high standards for working conditions are used. The workwear collection is made with resource-saving linen from Lithuania (100 percent), silk (Como) and polyamide (Deadstock via Fabric House).



Production takes place in Vilnius in Lithuania and near Ferrara in Italy

Maximilian decided on these production facilities because he wants to be sure that the quality of his products meets his requirements. Work is carried out in the family businesses with fair payment and under fair conditions for all production employees and their suppliers. With sufficient space, regulated working hours, break regulations and a pleasant room climate, etc. Maximilian was convinced of this on site.


Meet the Maker @ HACOY Store

Sportswear, linen shirts and blouses from the workwear collection, as well as a colorful underwear collection made of silk and sophisticated swimwear – all HACOY pieces are available in the online shop and in the HACOY Concept Store in Munich, which has been available to you since June 2023 from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m in Corneliusstr. 2 in Munich.

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