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Rethinking Wedding // Before White & Beyond Cinderella

For its 50th birthday, the Munich trade fair Inhorgenta really turned the clock: with an innovative time tunnel, with a visually recognizable upgrade towards luxury, with GREENSTYLE brands (say hi to Aurhen Eco Fair) and with a new area: the Wedding World.


Inhorgenta, Europe’s largest trade fair for jewelry, watches and gemstones, has discovered the theme of “wedding” for itself. In addition to a wedding chapel, wedding rings, talks and various events, wedding fashion, curated by the European Fashion Award Fash, has also been given a stage.

Particularly exciting (and our hook for the Inhorgenta visit) was the special exhibition “Rethinking Wedding: Before White & Beyond Cinderella”.


BEFORE WHITE by Gregor Hohenberg

Traditional German wedding costumes were shown, which – as the title suggests – were by no means white. Bright colors and floral embroidery, opulent necklaces, artfully tied ribbons, lots of lace and headpieces – bridal fashion was anything but monochrome for a long time, especially in rural areas of Germany. For subsequent generations, these textile works of art were captured in photographs by fashion and portrait photographer Gregor Hohenberg in the illustrated book “Trachten” (Gestalten Verlag Berlin).



An exciting counterpoint – or let’s call it a complement – were the contemporary approaches to wedding clothing that were curated by the European Fashion Award FASH in the previous call for students, graduates and young labels.

In addition to digital fashion, the Norwegian-born Berliner Maren Ruud (“Toxic Masculinity”), the long-established Munich woman (Iosoy by Barbara Weigand with the models from her label Iosoy), our wave of enthusiasm for the zero waste couture by Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele from Hamburg continued. We met the AMD graduate at the Neonyt in Düsseldorf in January and never lost sight of her again.



Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele // Slow Couture

When Zero Waste meets Couture. The Hamburg textile artist combines deadstock materials using the latest laser technology to create unique upcycling pieces. Countless flowers assembled by hand turn her pieces into wearable, three-dimensional works of art. But see for yourself:

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The exhibition was organized by Dr. Adelheid Rasche, head of the textiles, clothing and jewelry department at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and curator of the exhibition “Before White” opened.