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GREENSTYLE in Salzburg

Recap – GREENSTYLE in Salzburg

Three days. 24 brands. Six lounge talks, good discussions, exciting contacts, great networking, entertaining evenings - these are the vibes that GREENSTYLE is known for. That was the GREENSTYLE in Salzburg.

With 24 brands, we covered pretty much all facets of sustainability at the GREENSTYLE in Salzburg from March 24th to 26th, 2023 at the E-XPO 5020. Re- (ever & anon) and upcycling (Lieblingsteil) were represented as well as resource-saving natural materials (The Bad Seeds Company, Helena Harfst). Local production (Angels Ambition, Frijda Juni, Anja Lauermann), vegetable-tanned leather (Kranz and Zamt Berlin), innovative materials (Lounge Cherie, beosh, Cora Happywear) and plus-size fashion from Chlench have expanded the spectrum.

The 24 brands show that this is how sustainable fashion works.

Rounded off by the handmade products from Orée, Sophisticated Knits and Imaima as well as the Zero Waste approaches from Akjumii and C/OVER. Thanks for coloring up our life, Another Brand and Make Somebody Happy – the two fair fashion brands keep showing how colorful and casual sustainable fashion can be.GREENSTYLE in Salzburg

GREENSTYLE in Salzburg

From top left: casual looks from make somebody happy, bags made from cactus leather from beosh, recycling fashion by ever & anon, upcycling dirndls and circular blouses from Favoritenteil by Gudrun Weber

GREENSTYLE Lounge Talks: We give sustainable fashion a stage.

As always, we brought our exhibitors, our experts, onto the stage. As part of the Lounge Talks on Saturday and Sunday at GREENSTYLE in Salzburg, we talked about digital fashion. Metaverse expert and trend scout Lisi Prem answered all questions about Web 3.0. We talked to Christine Chlench (Chlench) about Plus Size Fashion. Nina Löw, who stepped in for Gudrun Weber (Lieblingsteil) at short notice, gave an insight into the topic of upcycling and presented her latest project, the circular blouses.

GREENSTYLE in Salzburg
Talking about a revolution: With our lounge talks, we give the creators of our brands a stage. Patricia Fichter on Sustainable Styling – Sebastian Dittrich on Recycling Fashion.

From cactus leather to sustainable styling, everything is on site.

Das Kaktusleder, das Melanie Wirth für ihre beosh Handtaschen verwendet war Inhalt des Innovationstalks. Sebastian Dittrich von ever & anon hat uns mit auf die Recycling-Reise genommen und uns erklärt, warum Mode aus Textilmüll so wichtig ist. Und die Salzburger Sustainable Stylistin Patricia Fichter hat ihre Tipps für den perfekten Kleiderschrank verraten. Zahlen, Fakten & Lösungsansätze haben wir mit dem „Mode & Klima“ Panel auf die große Stage gebracht. Die Macher*innen der GREENSTYLE Brands Akjumii, C/OVER und Lounge Cherie haben – moderiert von Angelika Pehab – ihre Konzepte vorgestellt. Stay tuned für die Lounge Talks Videos. Demnächst auf GREENSTYLE.

The cactus leather that Melanie Wirth uses for her beosh handbags was the subject of the innovation talk. Sebastian Dittrich from ever & anon took us on the recycling journey and explained to us why fashion made from textile waste is so important. And the Salzburg sustainable stylist Patricia Fichter revealed her tips for the perfect wardrobe. We brought numbers, facts and solutions to the big stage with the “Fashion & climate” panel. The makers of the GREENSTYLE brands Akjumii, C/OVER and Lounge Cherie presented their concepts, moderated by Angelika Pehab. Stay tuned for the Lounge Talks videos. Soon on GREENSTYLE (only in German).