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Gudrun Weber is from the northern part of the Black Forest. With her studio, she landed at Simssee in Bavaria.

And because she loves traditional costume, but has neither found the right dirndl at home nor in Munich (too colorful and too much bling bling), she started designing something out of men’s clothing fabrics from her former employer with Lieblingsteil. And the result was a success. Dirndl tops made of wool fabric for pinstripe trousers, muted colors, traditional cuts with that special something and not to mention the perfect fit.

Traditional costume 2.0 by Lieblingsteil

Timeless and slow, upcycling and sustainable raw materials – what designer Gudrun Weber thinks it is really about is rethinking the textile supply chain in cycles. And that is why, after 20 years, she has turned her back on the conventional fashion industry and set up her own label in 2014.

In the meantime, Gudrun no longer works only with menswear fabrics – she mainly obtains her great fabrics from leftovers of major designer brands. These excess fabrics, which remain unused in the production facilities, would end up in the landfill. Thanks to Gudrun, they get a second chance as dirndls.

I want that too!

If you want to have one of her made-to-measure pieces, you have to go the extra mile. But it’s definitely worth it because her studio is located in an enchanted art nouveau villa in Söchtenau on Simssee in Bavaria. And everything there is as original and slow as the traditional costume itself…

Wednesday is workshop day

DIY is very popular and learning from professionals is still the best way to acquire the appropriate skills. If you would like to sew (learn to sew) yourself, you can find further information here.


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