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GREENSTYLE Popup-Store @ Munich City Hall

Welcome to GREENSTYLE Popup-Store, the temporary home for your brands, your collections and our common mission: to bring sustainable fashion into the middle of society. Where is the store? In the Munich town hall. Right in the middle.

The following brands have been in the store since August 1st. So come over. Also included are another brand, Bettibag, Bleed, Christiane Strobel, Coa Goa, Cora Happy Wear, DAWN, Frijda Juni, Like a Bird, Nata Y Limon, Nikin, Nina Rein, Meerblau,Waldgrün, Seads, Shipsheip and Zurück.

For over a year we have been reinventing ourselves again and again after the pandemic-related cancellation of the 4th edition of GREENSTYLE:

• Implementation of conference content for the Virtual GREENSTYLE
• Expansion of our website to the home of sustainable fashion with the XL Brand Directory
• Founding of the GMUC agency | for game changers
• Realization of the 1st GREENSTYLE (Responsible) Fashion Summit

And before we return to analogue event life from July 9th to 11th as an official participant of the first Frankfurt Fashion Week, we have another great news:

Welcome to the GREENSTYLE Popup-Store.

Of course, that’s not just another popup store. The GREENSTYLE popup store is our temporary platform for you. For your brands. Your philosophy. For Fashion Revolution. For change. For the slow fashion movement. A hub. A meeting point for game changers. In the middle of the city. In the pedestrian zone. In the city Hall.
For a #postpandemicfuture that we all want.

We will – even if we only have 30 square meters (you are never to small to make a difference) – ensure the visibility of GREENSTYLE brands.

What: GREENSTYLE Popup Store
Where: Munich City Hall, Marienplatz 8 (opposite Dienerstr. 20 / Ludwig Beck stocking department)
When (provisionally due to the corona ): Tue‐Fri: 11am‐7pm, Sat 11am‐6pm
*** The opening times are adjusted to the current conditions. Numerous Corona test stations are in the immediate vicinity. ***
How long: May to December 2021

We do it differently: Each participating label gets its own visibility and is allowed to present its story – like at the GREENSTYLE Popup in Amsterdam (see picture)

If you are interested, please contact us here >>>

This temporary use was made possible with the support of the cultural and creative industries competence team of the City of Munich.


The Competence Team for Culture and Creative Industries is a service provided by the City of Munich to support the creative industry in the Munich metropolitan region. It functions as a cross-departmental working group jointly sponsored by the municipal department, cultural department and department for work and economy. It advises cultural workers and creative companies from all sectors free of charge, supports them in building their image and networks, and in their search for office and work rooms.