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Nata Y Limón

Nata Y Limón – social business

Marlene Walter and Anne Schneider worked for various NGOs in Guatemala and Costa Rica before founding their social business, Nata Y Limón. Their goal is to provide long-term support to indigenous women in Guatemala.

In 2005, the Nata Y Limón founders met each other during their tourism studies in Wernigerode, followed by relocations, marketing jobs with large companies and the urge to put their own energy into something meaningful. Both quit their jobs and left for Central America to get involved in social projects. Over pizza and wine in Granada, Nicaragua, the two visionaries decided to put their energy into something meaningful and merge their ideas, thoughts and visions into a common social brand. Their goal? To support indigenous women in the long term by making their craft a sustainable source of income.


Nata Y Limón
Marlene and Anne share the same passion: commitment to indigenous women and their craftsmanship

Nata y Limón is Spanish for “cream & lemon”.

Mayan women have passed on the art of weaving to their daughters over generations and have preserved it for the present. Today, for many of these women, it is the only way to provide for their families’ livelihood. This is where the concept by Nata Y Limón comes in, as these women often live in poverty despite their skills. Together with the weavers, Marlene and Anne develop handmade, timeless and modern fabric designs for interior accessories and fashion based on the Mayan textile tradition.

Nata Y Limón
Securing the livelihood of indigenous women through self-help – that is Nata Y Limón.

Their mission? Women empowerment through social business.

The fabrics are woven and produced in Guatemala as this is where craft originated. Work is necessary for these indigenous women, as they can benefit from it in the long term. What is important to Nata Y Limón? The respectful treatment and a fair perspective: Starting with regular payment on the basis of a fair hourly wage (based on the data of the Global Living Wage Coalition), paid vacations and a guaranteed purchase of 200 bags per month. This not only ensures the livelihood of 14 weavers and tailors. Since its founding in 2017, Nata Y Limón has offered women perspectives through its traditional weaving craft.

It’s only premium when it’s ethical.

In the Heroine Bag Collection, the two founders show their recognition and appreciation for women. A collection that with timeless classics and minimalist color spectrums, emphasizes the luminous diversity of its customers.

Nata Y Limón
From women for women – the Heroine Collection

Good to know: One percent of each bag sold goes to the non-profit organization Amazonas Watch, which is committed to climate protection and the preservation of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem as well as human rights of the indigenous population living there.

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