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As mothers and travelers, the two COA GOA founders know what qualities a bag should have to hold all kinds of things for any weather forecast. Discarded sails are used to make bags for every occasion, which are manufactured in Europe.

What first sounds like an Indian pilgrimage city for yogis, is actually the playful acronym for “comes around goes around”Ines Häfner and Ursula Piber’s start-up Coa Goa. Since 2019, the two founders have been giving discarded sails a new life in the form of bags. This way, the two women from Berlin, who now live on Mallorca, have not only found a way to express their respect to nature and their love for design. The smart beach bags, weekenders & more also reflect our responsibility to work ethically in a circular system.

“COA GOA stands for “comes around goes around” and is the motto of the upcycling brand”

It is no coincidence that the bags are not only stylish, but also serve as highly functional and universally applicable companions. After all, COA GOA is made by passionate experts, whose friendship led to the founding of the company. While Ines Häfner has developed a style as a graphic and product designer that combines aesthetic sensitivity, authenticity and technical inventiveness, Ursula Piber brings her experience as a costume designer, stylist and fashion designer to the table.


Each COA GOA Bag tells a unique story.

The recycled sails which make up each bag live and carry on unique stories. In combination with simple and high-quality natural materials, Ines and Ursula give each bag a unique character and a very own patina (coat).

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