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BETTIBAG – vintage bags with a wow factor

In addition to all the other loud and casual statement (upcycling) bags, there is now the limited BETTIBAG x GREENSTYLE Collection with the iconic GMUC Monstera and revolutionary claims. Because: Revolution, Act Now and Change are the order of the day. Shop now: Available now via GREENSTYLE selected

Wow, Bang, Pow or would you prefer Ciao? What sounds like a wild comic scene are the casual pop art statements on Bettina Keller’s good-mood bags. The Munich-based sews these for her label BETTIBAG from colorful vintage fabrics.

***Shop now: BETTIBAG x GREENSTYLE Collection***

Luminous, loud monstera leaves and revolutionary statements on shoppers, crossbody bags and foldover clutches made of linen, brocade fabrics or velvet. And the applications? They are made of denim, synthetic leather, mirror foil or upholstery fabrics. All of them leftovers from an interior decorator, parts of a second hand party dress or from a flea market. Much too good for the bin. Perfect for unique statement bags. And perfect for the BETTIBAG x GREENSTYLE Collection. As long as stocks last – because each part is unique.


(*available while stocks last)

Shopper, clutch, foldover or beachbag – there is no bag shape that Bettina Keller does not have in her repertoire. But every model at the Munich bag label is unique. Even if one (not to be overlooked) detail has one thing in common: the claims with which the Munich artist decorates her colorful vintage bags with BETTIBAG.

Her signature look? The combination of vintage fabrics and statements.

As it is so often the case, it is also due to chance that Bettina Keller now runs her own label. She never had the plan to make bags. But she was looking for a fancy shopper and couldn’t find it. Instead, she found a beautiful vintage fabric at a flea market, from which she quickly sewed a corresponding bag.


Sustainable consumption with a lot of wow factor.

What began by chance has developed into a real passion: combining textiles from different decades with modern materials. When Bettina Keller sits down at the sewing machine, she lets the needle rattle over and over again over different fabrics in different colors and textures. The Munich resident finds creating something new exciting. Because her bags tell stories that she shares with others.

100% handmade in Bavaria – from the first to the last step in Munich

Vintage fabrics, unusual second-hand clothing, textiles from overproduction or leftovers from tailoring and interior decorators – Bettina Keller use what is not (no longer) used elsewhere. Because even small quantities are sufficient for her iconic applications. And why should you use new resources when you can (supposedly!) turn worthless things into new favorites like the glitter tinsel crossbody bag?

Many of the fabrics were saved from the trash compactor. I am always very happy to give old beautiful materials a second life. Bettina Keller

Where to buy? Mit dem Popup-Event im Münchner Akjumii Store hat BETTIBAG jede Menge nachhaltigen Glamour in das Münchner Glockenbachviertel gebracht. Aktuell auf der Agenda? Die Teilnahme am GREENSTYLE Pop-up auf der biolife in Bozen vom 5. bis 8. November 2020. Wer den Weg nach Bozen nicht schafft, hat die Möglichkeit die uniquen Bags über Instagram zu erwerben.

Where to buy? With the pop-up event in Munich’s Akjumii store, BETTIBAG brought a lot of sustainable glamor to Munich’s Glockenbachviertel. Currently on the agenda? Participation in the GREENSTYLE pop-up at the biolife in Bolzano from November 5th to 8th, 2020. Those who can’t make the way to Bolzano have the opportunity to purchase the unique bags via Instagram.

Zu BETTIBAG gibt es hier weitere Informationen

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