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Best Partner – GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++

With this page we would like to thank our partners who believe in us and to whom the topic of sustainability is just as important as it is to us. That is why they support our formats - some for the first time, others for the repeated time. Thank you.

Without the support of our partners, we could neither implement the GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++ nor offer it for you free of charge. Isn’t it only on the internet? Correct (at least in part), but the costs for technology & Co. are not at all without. Not to mention the fact that we are more together. And louder. And reach a lot more people with our topics.

Therefore: Thank you very much for being by our side (again) and believing in us. You are the best! #bettertogether

Presenting Partner: Wildling Shoes – Responsibility for every step

We met Anna Yona and her wonderfully sustainable minimal shoes for the first time at the 2nd edition of GREENSTYLE. Afterwards we never lost sight of each other: the team and models fell in love with various wildlings during the 4th edition shoot. And we were so enthusiastic about the New Work approach that the “wild” group lives every day that we have integrated the online coaching into the Virtual GREENSTYLE Conference. Wildling, on the other hand, liked Mirjam’s blog and her first steps with minimal shoes (read here). And now – badabumm – we were able to win Wildling Shoes as a presenting partner. Anyone who would like to learn something about the future of the world of work from Anna Yona can register for the GREENSTYLE Summit now. If you (additionally) want to walk through life on cloud 7 – voila, you can discover all Wildlings here.



Green Button – the state textile seal

Already at the 1st edition of GREENSTYLE in the Haus der Kunst in Munich we had Johannes Luderich, who works as a consultant for social and environmental standards at GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) and worked on the Green Button, on the podium. The state textile seal, which was introduced by the Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation in 2019 to make it easier for consumers to find their way when shopping for socially and ecologically produced clothing, has now been in existence for over a year. Thanks at this point to Dr. Gerd Müller, who, as development minister, founded the textile alliance in 2014 in order to continuously increase social, ecological and economic sustainability along the entire textile supply chain. The logical continuation is the Green Button. What else is planned, what is on the agenda – you can discuss that at the conference.
More information about the green button >>>


hessnatur – the eco pioneers from Hesse (Happy 45th birthday!)

The fact that the pioneers in sustainable fashion support us again and again makes us not only happy but proud. Because the Butzbach-based makers of hessnatur have many years of (most) experience (45 to be precise) and have not only given us active support once. With lounges at GREENSTYLE, a great stand, sustainable products in the GOOD bag and crew outfits for the GREENSTYLE team. In short: you have given us your trust and support. Thank you! With their clear commitment to the highest quality in harmony with people, animals and the environment, the visionaries from Hessen prove again and again that decades of experience do not have to lead to standstill: With innovative materials (regional Hessen linen as well as overseas bananatex), with a capsule collection of unprocessed and undyed styles made of organic cotton and linen on the occasion of the 45th anniversary, the New SADLE donation project in Nepal and, and, and contemporary looks that not only inspire responsible fashion people. Our tip: Be sure to check the interior collection.
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NEONYT – international Hub for Game Changer

We were already enthusiastic about the innovative spirit of NEONYT when the world’s leading trade fair for sustainable fashion was still called Greenshowroom. With a little pride we can also say that we were at the first event in the Berlin Hotel Adlon, when Magdalena Schaffrin gathered 17 brands there and eco was still used as a swear word by ignorant fashion people (as times change). In the meantime, the NEONYT is not only based in Frankfurt on the exhibition grounds. Together with the FashionSustain conference, it is THE trend-setting hub for sustainable fashion, which is attended by media representatives of all stripes and buyers from the big houses and concept stores. We still cannot quite believe that Show Director Thimo Schwenzfeier speaks again and again at GREENSTYLE and that NEONYT is firmly anchored on our partner list. Neither does the fact that we will be holding the GREENSTYLE @ Frankfurt Fashion Week in July 2021. FFM, here we come!


OEKO-TEX® - with visions and transparency into a sustainable future

Über 25 Jahre Kompetenz bringt OEKO-TEX® mit, wenn es darum geht, Konsumenten und Unternehmen zu ermöglichen, unseren Planeten durch verantwortungsvolles Handeln zu schützen. Ganz so einfach ist das für Konsument*innen nämlich nicht, sich im Modedschungel zurechtzufinden. Klar definierte Siegel, sind deshalb das A und O für verantwortungsvolles Konsumieren. Unternehmen können zeigen, dass sie ihre Umwelt- und Sozialverpflichtungen ernst nehmen und schaffen so Vertrauen. Für Konsumenten ist ein OEKO-TEX® Zertifikat Garantie dafür, dass bestimmte Standards eingehalten wurden. In einer Zeit, wo „Greenwashing“ durchaus gängige Marketingpraxis ist, ein unschätzbar wichtiges Instrument für Kaufentscheidungen. Pssst, mit Herrn Dieners, dem Generalsekretär des Unternehmens, haben wir vor dem Berliner Kraftwerk schon auf dem Red Carpet der Fashion Week posiert (wir hoffen, dass wir das im Juli in Frankfurt wiederholen können). Großartig, er auch diesmal wieder mit seiner XL-Kompetenz an unserer Konferenz teilnimmt und OEKO-TEX® die ganze Veranstaltung unterstützt.

OEKO-TEX® has over 25 years of expertise when it comes to enabling consumers and companies to protect our planet through responsible action. It is not that easy for consumers to find their way through the fashion jungle. Clearly defined seals are therefore essential for responsible consumption. Companies can show that they take their environmental and social obligations seriously and thus create trust. For consumers, an OEKO-TEX® certificate is a guarantee that certain standards have been met. At a time when “greenwashing” is common marketing practice, it is an invaluable tool for purchasing decisions. Pssst, with Mr. Dieners, the company’s general secretary, we have already posed on the red carpet of the Fashion Week in front of the Kraftwerk in Berlin (we hope that we can do that again in Frankfurt in July). It’s great, he’s participating in our conference again with his XL competence and OEKO-TEX® is supporting the entire event.

SALEWA – High Technology inspired by Nature

When I heard an employee of the Bolzano mountain sports company speak at the UNFOLDED Design Festival of the paper experts from Gmund am Tegernsee, it was clear that I had to establish contact. That was much easier than expected, as Susanne Barta not only lives in Bolzano, but also knows Marketing Director Thomas Aichner personally. A long and inspiring conversation later we won SALEWA for the GREENSTYLE @ biolife Fiera Bolzano in 2020. It may have failed due to the Corona – but our partner has stayed with us and is now supporting the GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++. Thomas Aichner: “We are pleased that you are again setting an impetus with the Responsible Fashion Summit and continuing to use the topic of sustainable fashion.” Thank you, Thomas, for your trust and your sustained commitment, because material research and the development of innovative materials are very important at SALEWA. Just as great as fairness. That is why SALEWA is the only Italian company to be the lead partner of the Fair Wear Foundation and therefore transparent along the entire production chain. Of course, we immediately wrote about Alpine Hemp, the latest innovation from the Bolzano company. Christine Ladstädter will speak at the conference. Innovation & Special Projects Manager, about how the sustainable resource hemp is not only used at SALEWA but also how its re-cultivation is promoted.
More about SALEWA >>>


Tchibo – Committed to sustainability and responsibility

When we read the following claim on the website, it was clear that we had to get in touch with Tchibo: “We think: The time to talk is over. The time to act is here.” How did we get together? Sustainability Director Nanda Bergstein is just like Mirjam Future Woman. And that connects. Thanks also go to Janine Steeger, who runs the platform With this in mind: Welcome on board! It is absolutely clear to us that it is not that easy to bring a flagship of this caliber more and more on a sustainable course. We are all the more excited that Tchibo accepts the challenges and deals with them transparently. It’s impressive what is already going on or has been pushed. ‘Not 100 percent perfect but brave ahead’ – that’s how it works. And by the way: when an XL company like Tchibo starts a supposedly small sustainable project, the positive effects are enormous. Be sure to listen: to the Tchibo podcast “5 cups daily”, which was awarded the German Prize for Online Communication. Here you can hear what Mirjam and the other game changers are saying
Find out more about Tchibo’s sustainability >>>


Treedom – green your planet

With GREENSTYLE we want to do things in this world better. We do this as responsibly as we can. But of course our work also leaves a footprint: Our website, our digital conference, our exhibitors and visitors who come to our events. We are working on reducing that even further, step by step. At the same time, however, we would like to provide a balance. That’s why we teamed up with Treedom. Inspired by the browser game FarmVille, Federico Garcea founded the online platform Treedom. Since 2011 he has made it possible for us with his B-Corp company to contribute to the reforestation of the planet with real trees and to give local smallholders sustainable work. If that works? The number speaks for itself: he has spread over 1.8 million trees on the planet. Together with Treedom we planted 50 trees in the GREENSTYLE forest. Do you want to keep our forest growing?
Plant trees now >>>


Zeitraum – sustainable solid wood furniture made in Germany

ZEITRAUM has been proving that sustainability is not a trend but a lifestyle for over 30 years. With the combination of ecology and design, the company from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps was the first German furniture manufacturer to make the zeitgeist theme the basis of its corporate philosophy. Instead of short-lived consumer goods, ZEITRAUM relies on both minimalist and high-quality solid wood furniture for the home and contract sector. Made in Germany, of course. Only hardwood from sustainable forestry is used. and forego chemical treatment of the wood. The surfaces, which are left open-pored with organic oils, allow the furniture to breathe and retain their naturalness. Good to know: ZEITRAUM has committed itself to the principle that its products can be repaired, because this is the only way to guarantee their longevity over generations.

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