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Eco brand support

Eco Brand Support: Online shopping

Small and medium-sized companies are hit the hardest by the economic consequences of the current crisis. And at a time when all signs were actually pointing up. To save small and medium-sized eco brands through the crisis the online shop come to the rescue.

C&A is closing 1,300 stores in Europe, while Amazon is looking for 100,000 new employees in the USA because demand for online deliveries has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the Corona crisis. During this period, trends are developing at an increasing pace.

Online shopping is developing faster than expected; An opportunity for eco brands

Currently, retail is not an option, given the current situation. Not only are the fashion stores temporarily closed, but also most brands cannot afford the dealer margins in the crisis. This makes it all the more important to expand online shops and social media, not only to “survive” now, but also to be prepared for the future. Beyond sale banners and corona discounts in the online shops, many sustainable brands have given creative thoughts to their future. They need to be supported. Together.

Eco Brand Support: Together through the crisis thanks to online shops #bettertogether

GMUC TIP: Do not buy anything you do not need. Still afford the eco brand support? Surprise a loved one with a gift or ask the respective brand for a voucher that you can redeem at a given time.

Show the flag: Chari-T-Shirt from DAWN Denim

DAWN Denim has developed a charity shirt to help its partners through the crisis. 100 percent of all profits are donated: 50 percent go to small, independent boutiques and stores that run DAWN and fear for their very existence. The other half supports an endangered organic cotton farm. What’s the motive? The international flag of planet earth, which the Swedish artist Oskar Pernefeld developed in 2015. Estimated delivery date: Mid-July 2020. Pre-order now for 29 euros.

Eco brand support
© DAWN denim

Free World Wide Shipping: Friends that Rhyme

The approach of “we are all one” is also pursued by the makers Sabine and Nadine from Friends that Rhyme, who are sending their colorful upcycled clutches out into the world with no shipping fees until the end of March 2020. The unique works of art, which can also be rented, are made from vintage obi belts. Discover the large selection here.

Eco brand support
© Friends That Rhyme

Even more freedom: Wildling Shoes

The minimalistic shoes from Wildling shoes were also supposed to be part of the 4th edition of the GREENSTYLE. The free-your-feet concept of the brand from Gummersbach should not be withheld from anyone. Because our feet not only get destroyed in most conventional shoes. They become sick. In order to allow sufficient time for testing, Wildling is extending the return period to 60 days until further notice. However, once you have tried them on, you will never take them off. But one thing is certain: 🙂. Discover freedom for your feet here.

Eco brand support
© Wildling shoes

Slow fashion first: Womom

As a precautionary measure, the Munich slow fashion label Womom reduced its operating speed. Therefore, delivery delays of two to three weeks may occur. To sweeten the waiting time a little, the slow fashion label with its striking statements offers a 25 percent discount on its products. Slow Fashion Code: SLOWDOWN25. Enter the world of Womom

Eco brand support
© Womom

To be continued…