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Anna Yona

Anna Yona – Wildling Shoes

Anna Yona owes the idea for her business to her (three) children, who did not want to wear shoes after moving from Israel to Germany.

However, the implementation and development of the New Work / Remote Work company Wildling Shoes was her idea. And that of her husband Ran. Together, the two now run a medium-sized company with almost 200 employees. On their own way.

It is in her blood that Anna Yona wants to protect not only people but also the planet with her business. When her parents swapped Berlin for a village near Cologne in the 1970s and founded the local association of the Greens there, topics such as bicycles instead of cars and seasonal vegetables were a matter of course for them. Their business benefits from this mindset today. In relation to the product, the planet and the people who work for and for Wildling.

Packing a piece of freedom in a pair of shoes and being able to make a difference – that’s what drives me. Anna Yona

You can experience every day in her company that sustainable and fair work can be economical. Minimal shoes respectfully produced in the online shop. Satisfied people working with laptops, telephones. And they, at least most of them, work at home. At the beginning of 2021, all employees (including those without children) had the opportunity to reduce the weekly hours with the same salary. Yes, this is what work can look like. How it works? Anna Yona will speak about this at the GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++.

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