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Crisis fashion

CRISIS FASHION – Social Distance Fashion

T-shirts for 50 cents. In casual colors like "How dare you PINK" and "Friday BLACK." How great is this new shop?! What at first looks like the offer of the year is in fact a campaign. With CRISIS FASHION, Fashion Revolution Germany continues the successful 2 Euro t-shirt campaign.


crisis fashion

Social Distance Fashion — When you don’t know who made your clothes.

Curious about the goal of the CRISIS FASHION web shop that launched on April 22, 2020? It was to shake up consumers. To drive the methods of the fast fashion industry to the (shopping) top, and to draw attention to the working conditions of seamstresses in production countries. Workers were hit especially hard by the Corona crisis, which caused billions of dollars in cancellations by western fashion companies.

No Money
No Healthcare
No Rights

The 50 cent t-shirt campaign is a further development of the successful campaign “The 2 Euro T-Shirt – A Social Experiment”. The viral video, which also drew attention to the current exploitation within the fashion industry, reached almost 8 million clicks. The vending machine with the 2 Euro t-shirt on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz caused a huge stir.

crisis fashion

CRISIS fashion is not a brand. Fashion is in CRISIS.

If you add your 50-cent t-shirt to you shopping cart, the whole page falls apart. Claims run across the screen, drawing attention to the poor conditions in the textile industry. The user gets the opportunity to learn more about it or continue shopping.

Are YOU ready for the new normal?

The entire campaign contributes to the commitment of Fashion Revolution to call on fashion companies, globally and in Germany to take full responsibility for their supply chains and their workers. With download kits, exciting links and quotes, great organizations and initiatives like #fairbylaw, future fashion forward and the clean clothes campaign

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