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Dress up. Slow down.

Dress up. Slow down. This is how fashion works now.

Rent instead of buy. Second instead of first hand. These are the topics that are currently being discussed a lot when it comes to how to change the fashion industry. How to relieve the environment. It goes without saying that we picked up these topics for the fashion spread in our PUREVIU magazine.

For the fashion spread in the first issue of our PUREVIU Fashion Change Magazine, we have teamed up with the founders of the fashion rental app CLOTHESfriends. Why? Because we share the same values. Having similar ideas of a just, sustainable, fair, future-proof fashion industry. Because we find their style inspiring. Because we saved resources that way. Because together – as always – things are better.

The result is fantastic pictures that show what sustainable fashion can look like. They exude so much spirit that we got fantastic feedback for them. Which we ourselves like to look at again and again. And which we are now using as a campaign motif for our next GREENSTYLE events (read more >>>).


Models: Josephine Tolna, Yasmin Salifou, Romeo Lingl (URBN Models)

Styling/Production: Rosella Lofino, Eva Kapeller

Hair & Make-up: Angelina Marrandino

Photo assistance: Elli Fot

Photos: Julie March


Dress up. Slow down.

Right picture (left to right): Yasmin wears the skirt YANG by Jan ‘n June, with a sweater vest by Allude (not for rent) and one of the add-on collars by Akjumii’s 3IN1 Coat (not for rent). Romeo in a Damur short sleeve shirt, Private trousers and Palladium shoes (not for hire). Josie combines the blouse from Vretena with a coat from Ïmaima, trousers from Damur and shoes from Nanda Schwarz.

Dress up. Slow down.
Dress up. Slow down.

Romeo in a Damur shirt, Homefullofclothes pants, Private vest and Koi Footwear boots (not for rent).

Dress up. Slow down.

Yasmin in a white V-neck slipover from Allude (not for rent), blazer, skirt and boots from Privat. Josie wears blouse by Faible and Failure, blazer and shorts by Fassbender and boots by RAID. Romeo’s look is his own.

Dress up. Slow down.

Romeo in a cardigan from Bershka, bag from byDori, shoes from Koi Footwear (not for rent), trousers and private scarf. Josie wears a slipover from Glamorous, trousers from Fassbender and a bag from Alicia Victoria, private blouse. Yasmin in a top and skirt from SFAN, over that a cardigan from Faible and Failure, private boots.

Dress up. Slow down.

Josie mit Shorts von Fassbender und Élaine Bag von byDori, Hemd von Privat.
Romeo trägt eine Weste von Jan ’n June, Hemd und Hose von Privat, Stiefel von Koi Footwear (nicht zu mieten).
Yasmin in einem Mantel von Nanda Schwarz, darunter Shorts von Jan ’n June, Ledertop und Tuch von Privat.


Josie with shorts by Fassbender and Élaine bag byDori, shirt is private. Romeo wears vest Jan ‘n June, private shirt and pants, boots Koi Footwear (not for rent). Yasmin in a coat by Nanda Schwarz, including shorts by Jan ‘n June, private leather top and scarf

Dress up. Slow down.

Yasmin trägt ein Set aus Top und Hose von Chlench, dazu eine Tasche von Alicia Victoria, Jacke und Schuhe
Josie in einem Mantelkleid von Fassbender, dazu einen Lederblazer von Homefullofclothes und Stiefel von

Yasmin wears top and pants set Chlench, with bag from Alicia Victoria, private jacket and shoes. Josie in a coat dress by Fassbender, with a leather blazer by Homefullofclothes and boots by Even&Odd.

Dress up. Slow down.
Dress up. Slow down.

Yasmin in a kaftan by Belle Ikat, top by Carolina Viviana Wolf (not for rent). Josie wears a coat from Belle Ikat, underneath pants from Carolina Viviana Wolf (not for rent), top is private.

Dress up. Slow down.

Say hi to Julie March.

Julie is a photographer, model (Louisa Models) and game changer. Her favorite motifs? fashion and beauty topics. And she photographs them for L’Officiell, Myself, Glamor (and PUREVIU!) & Co. as well as for sustainable brands like Mime et Moi.

Shhh If you don’t want to see the same IKEA prints on the walls over and over again, you can also buy the work of the Munich-based photographer. The admiring looks of your guests are already guaranteed! Discover here >>>
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