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every BODY

Fashion is for every BODY

Crackling (attention: background noise!) multicolored jackets, a striking unisex tuxedo in pink, flowing trousers that disregard all the rules of minimalism - fashion designers from Switzerland make themselves heard. With sustainable fashion that is anything but quiet, but for every BODY.

Old meets new. Clean loves opulent. Tradition toying with the avant-garde. Creative combining and skilfully set contrasts can do so much more than mass consumption. Individual stories (in front of and behind the stage) make fashion more exciting than any trend can ever be.

Fashion colors are reversed, clichés are broken up. Fabrics are turned into fashion. Nothing is what it seems. Or however? Fashion is for every BODY.

“The world as you see it and feel it is the reflection of your inner self.” Karen Fleischmann, Swiss fashion activist and content creator

Photographer @michael_weniger
Styling @lorenalareo
Make up
Hair @vincenzostylegossip
Models @miruhfrutiger | Model @karenfleischmann

Don’t miss to check the designer stories on their websides / Insta accounts.

Every body
Every body
  • White jacket and white oversize printed jeans from Ravenite @the_ravenite
  • Earrings “L’Ovale” from Sherylin @sherylinbirth
Every body
Every body
  • Pink silk tuxedo from @jacquelineloekito
  • Earrings “Pink Cristal Drops” by @vanessa_schindler
  • Silver glitter loafers from Nicholas Kirkwood @nicholaskirkwood and Diorever metallic bag from Christian Dior (both courtesy of Reawake Zurich) @reawake
Every body
  • Black oversize coat from Xumu @xumuoffiacial
  • Earrings designed by Yan Jiang @yan_jiang_studio
  • Grey plateau pumps by Prada (courtesy of Reawake Zurich)@reawake
Every body
  • Pink silk buttoned dress from Jacqueline Loekito @jacquelineloekito
  • White coat designed by Estelle Krattinger @estellekrattinger
Every body
Every body
  • Karen wears a white Dress from Andri Oppliger @gehhindurch and white pants from Aporeei @aporeei_
  • Earrings “Cerchio” by Sherylin @sherylinbirth
  • Miruh wears a black blouse from Aporeei @aporeei , green pants and white shoes from Andri Oppliger @gehhindurch
every body
every body
  • Multicolor jacket from Forbidden Denimeries @forbiddendenimeries
Every body
  • Wool knitted dress from Andri Oppliger @gehhindurch
Every body
  • Pink Corset by Aporeei @aporeei_
  • Wide navy velvet trousers from Isabel Manns @isabel_manns
Every body
  • Multicolor coat designed by Lida Noba @lida_noba
  • Black Turtleneck Sweater by ZRCL @wearezrcl
  • Wide navy velvet trousers from Isabel Marant @isabelmarant