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JAN ‘N JUNE – sustainable, affordable high fashion

When Jula Holtzheimer and Anna Bronowski founded the Hamburg fashion label JAN ’N JUNE in 2014, they had the following idea: sustainable fashion that looks great, is produced fairly and is still affordable. What sounds like numerous contradictions to some, the two have consistently built up and further developed.

It all started with the two high-flyers Anna Bronowski and Juliana Holtzheimer from JAN ‘N JUNE with a successful crowdfunding at Nordstarter. The first “clean fashion” collection followed in spring 2015, which brought the two super girls an XL fan base. It wasn’t always easy for Juliana “Jula” Holtzheimer and Anna Bronowski. In order to be able to build up their young label, they first cut their own cost of living and moved back to their parents when they were 23. They also worked as a stylist or in catering.

Fashionable. Affordable. Sustainable. Already in 2014. And still today.

Their commitment has definitely paid off. Today, the two of them work with their constantly growing team in the Hamburg Speicherstatt. In addition to the retail trade in Germany, their collections are represented in over 120 stores across Europe. And the casual favorite looks are no longer just hanging in sustainable stores. Their affordable smart fashion is also available on large platforms such as About You.

Their color palette? Reduced. The cuts? Clean. The key print? Unique. The claim? Timeless favorite pieces that can be worn for a long time and easily combined.



The minimalist, reduced collections are produced, which were not really often found in sustainable fashion – two in Poland, three in Portugal, in family-run businesses that work exclusively for the Hamburg label or in certified factories. These seamstresses are permanently employed, are fairly remunerated and not paid according to the number of pieces. The (certified!) Fabrics come from Germany, Portugal and Turkey. It is made from materials such as organic cotton, tencel, linen, acetate, recycled polyester as well as recycled cotton, recycled polyamides and Ecovero. Neither JAN ‘N JUNE nor the final product is certified. They are currently working on this. Certifications that are already in use are GOTS, GRS (Global Recycling Standard), IVN BEST and Oekotex®-Standard 100

At JAN ‘N JUNE everyone has a right to the full story: the ECO-ID

Because transparency is very important to the two makers, each item of clothing is provided with a QR code, the ECO-ID, and documents all steps along the production chain. From the raw material to the final product. Because everyone can use organic cotton. And what exactly is fair about it if you have no way of checking where it originated. For the two Hamburg women, total transparency is simply part of sustainable fashion.

Innovative ideas – textile innovations – less waste.

The fact that the two are not easy satisfied is shown not least by their love of experimentation. These could also be materials that were not originally intended for clothing, such as thin, neoprene-like fabric or cuff fabric from which they made an entire item of clothing. In order to avoid textile waste, the Hamburg label launched the “offcut collection” in 2018. The result? A waste-free production and great bags, scrunchies, hairbands, stationary and, for the current occasion, face masks …


Good to know: Since 2018, the two have also had a men’s collection in their range.

The inner values ​​count here

The orders are sent in reused packing boxes. That’s why the delivery sometimes doesn´t looks as nice as you expect it to be. But the inside is all the more beautiful. Plus: JAN ‘N JUNE items are NOT sent in plastic. Instead, reusable glassine paper is used.

#byebyefastfashion – hello, JAN ‘N JUNE.

Thanks to short delivery routes and clever optimization of cuts and alternative materials, as well as waste-free work, they have managed to keep the announced “affordable” prices. Oh yes: JAN ‘N JUNE is also vegan. And that earned them the Peta Vegan Fashion Award for the best design already  in 2015. In 2018 they summarized their expertise in their first book “Minimal Fashion” (Dorling Kindersley), which is intended as a guide to create a capsule wardrobe. And if you are wondering what the name JAN ‘N JUNE means: it is made up of the months the founders were born. Jula’s birthday is in January (JANuary). Anna in June (JUNE).

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