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Grenz/gang – inspired by nature and the alps

Values. That's what it's all about when you talk to the team at the Slow & Organic label Grenz/gang. Values must be rediscovered. And values have to be (again) redefined. The collections of the label founded in 2014, which are inspired by nature and the South Tyrolean mountains, express this with every piece of clothing.

Grenz/gang has its origins in Obermaiselstein in the German Allgäu. Grenz/gang is rooted in Eppan in South Tyrol. The entire Grenz/gang ‘Gang’ is now also at home here. A team of designers, tailors, product developers and textile engineers has been working on the conception, development and marketing of textile innovations and solutions in Eppan since 2014. The result? Puristically individual collection, with attention to detail and elaborate tailoring. Well, the team around Thomas Steiner and Heike Steinbauer has many years of experience in the textile sector.

The Grenz/gang cornerstones? Regionality, sustainability and authenticity.

It is unmistakable that the label has its roots in the Alps. The collections with timeless designs are inspired by alpine tradition. Implemented in a contemporary way with a clear focus on a sustainable approach to nature. Therefore, natural and biodegradable materials from controlled organic agriculture and animal husbandry are used for the collections. Wool from Tyrolean mountain sheep as natural padding for winter coats. Without down. Without synthetic padding. Elbe wool from the far north of Germany. Loden, knitwear, fleece made from organic cotton. Pure nature.


Grenz/gang also uses recycled materials: their leather labels, for example, are made from sustainable, recycled sources.

The motto here is as little CO2 as possible. Therefore, in addition to the use of sustainable materials, value is placed on short transport routes and local production. Grenz/gang aims to be a “low kilometer” label. This means that the production facilities and most of the material suppliers are within a 5-hour radius of the central creative area of Bolzano. The alpine-inspired collections are produced in a nostalgic factory in the Swabian Jura, in a tailor’s factory near Verona and in the in-house production facility in Eppan near Bozen. In this way, the quality that is so important for Grenz/gang can be guaranteed and at the same time regional work promoted and valued.

Slow, very slow, knitting qualities are produced on traditional machines in the Swabian Jura that are no longer possible on modern machines.

Another plus: With the short transport routes, the Grenz/gang team can ensure that fair wages are paid and reasonable working hours are observed. Social security and occupational health and safety regulations for your employees are a prerequisite for border crossings.

Bye-bye, overproduction! The collections are only available in limited, needs-based editions. And as an answer to the mass production of textile waste on the conventional fashion market, Grenz/gang has a limited zero waste collection on offer.

Good to know: Sustainability is also a top priority when it comes to packaging for customers: it is biodegradable. And because Grenz/gang cannot be satisfied with individual results: Customers registered in the online shop can benefit from the cashback system introduced in 2022. With every order, customers receive ten percent cash back. Fair to the employees. Fair to the customers. Just fair fashion.

The whole collection and even more Grenz/gang information can be found here >>>