Again and again one hears the terms Tencel or Lyocell in connection with sustainable fashion. Anyone who has already worn a Tencel garment in their hand or even on their body knows what a fantastic material this is. But what is Tencel? Tencel is a cellulose fiber manufactured industrially from natural raw materials. Cellulose is made from wood – in this case from Asian or South American eucalyptus wood from sustainable forestry. The fiber is produced in a closed cycle and has been awarded the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union. In addition to the extremely high level of comfort and versatile use for bed linen, home textiles, etc., it is above all the sustainable aspects that make Tencel a fiber for the future: On the one hand, almost 100 percent of the solvents required for the manufacturing process are reused. On the other hand, a fraction of the amount of water is required for the production, as is the case with the production of conventional man-made fibers. Another plus: in contrast to e.g. Cotton, no artificial irrigation and no use of pesticides are necessary for the cultivation of eucalyptus. And Tencel is biodegradable. Tencel is offered by the Austrian Lenzing AG.

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