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SETERY clothing

Hanna Greis takes a contemporary approach with her brand, SETERY. Instead of launching an XL collection, she focuses on a smaller version: the capsule wardrobe. With only ten pieces, she wants to make mornings easier for business women. The Kickstarter campaign will start in spring 2020.

Hanna Greis is neither a designer nor has she had anything to do with the fashion industry. After studying business psychology, she worked in HR consulting and market research in the technology sector. She has always dreamed of starting her own business.

Simply know what to wear

With SETERY she made this dream come true. In 2019, as a “dissatisfied consumer”, she founded an online fashion label with the aim of relieving businesswomen of the morning decision making process regarding the perfect choice of clothes.

© SETERY clothing

10 pieces, 5 colors, 50 outfits.

With the motto “less is more”, the young fashion label from Munich offers a wardrobe of timeless, minimalist garments that can be combined with each other. From formal business sets to smart casuals and elegant looks, every style is possible. In other words: Elegant business fashion that can be individualized for any occasion.

The goal is to free your mind for relaxed mornings

In the beginning, the collection will consist of ten garments in different colors, from which 50 different outfits can be created. For working moms, women working in the office as well as those who travel a lot – the 10-piece wardrobe is so flexible that it can meet all requirements from casual to formal to elegant.

And this is what the SETERY Capsule Collection looks like

Die erste (vegane!) Capsule Collection von SETERY  wird aus Organic Cotton und Tencel in einer kleinen Farbpalette, die allen Hauttönen schmeichelt, produziert. Sie umfasst einen Anzug in Blau und einem hellen Cream-Ton, Bluse und T-Shirt/Pullover in Cremeweiß, ein Kleid/Weste in weichem Weiß, eine maximal entspannt-elegante Hose in beige-grau und einen dunkelblauen Tencel-Rock. Pflegeleicht und waschmaschinenfest. Genäht werden die Prototypen für die Sample Collection im Maßatelier von Sabine Dicklberger in München.

The first (vegan!) Capsule Collection by SETERY is made of Organic Cotton and Tencel in a small color palette that flatters all skin tones. It includes a suit in blue and a light cream tone, blouse and T-shirt/pullover in cream white, a dress/vest in soft white, a maximum relaxed-elegant pants in beige-grey and a dark blue Tencel skirt. Easy care and machine washable. The prototypes for the sample Collection are sewn in Sabine Dicklberger’s tailoring studio in Munich.

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