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That sportswear mostly consisted of synthetic fibers bothered Madeleine Stanev. Her contemporary FABSOUL leggings provide an alternative: with natural and plant-based fabrics.

The sports enthusiast from Munich previously worked as a model, actress and presenter until she realized her dream: creating her label FABSOUL. Sportswear made of natural materials. No recycled PET, no synthetic materials.

Super-thought-out (and personally tested): the Munich native uses only natural and plant-based fabrics.

She uses only natural and plant-based fabrics such as TENCEL®, Lyocell (smartcel™ sensitive) and Modal for her colorful leggings with the golden pineapple logo. Organic cotton is not used in the yoga pants as it would store moisture.

© Fabsoul

And it gets even better

Because the organic yoga leggings from FABSOUL are made with the cosmetic fabric, TENCEL® C, it moisturizes the skin thanks to seaweed extract and prevents annoying cellulite. This is what we call wellness for the skin.

The natural alternative to synthetic sportswear.

Her products are designed as a 24/7 solution. The athleisure trend has long become socially acceptable. So why get out of your sportswear? Sweat in your morning Pilates class and go straight to work. Why not? The plant-based fabrics like TENCEL® are antibacterial and leave no trace of body odor.

Fabsoul – Designed in Munich – made fair in Taiwan.

To shorten the distance traveled, production was initially carried out in Europe. As the expertise for the production of high-quality sportswear was lacking in Europe, production was moved to a family-run tailoring shop in Taiwan. Here the collections are produced with great attention to detail and fair wages.

Good to know: Natural and plant-based fabrics do not release microplastics while washing!

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