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New digital format: GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++

The Covid-19 pandemic, which has been shaping the current discourse for 365 days, has worked like an accelerator in the fashion industry. Abuses have been exposed. The topic of sustainability has left its niche existence. In order to lead positive developments of the past year into a #PostPandemicFuture, (inter) national speakers will bring up topics related to sustainable fashion at the GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++ on April 8 and 9, 2021 the digital stage and give impulses and ideas for action. The goal? Education. Enthusiasm. Change.

Why now? Because now is the time to act at the latest. Act now! By the way: April is Fashion Revolution month


Change only works together and with a new way of thinking. That is why we give appropriate impulses with our topics in order to make a new kind of fashion and consumption possible. Alternative consumption models such as second hand, smart concepts such as lending and capsule wardrobes are also on the agenda, as are insights into production in Bangladesh, transparent supply chains and innovative business concepts.
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Sustainable fashion has many facets and change only works if it comes from all directions. That is why we have made our (inter) national speaker portfolio as broad as possible. Pioneers, visionaries, activists and game changers from fashion companies (including Phyne, SABINNA) and the fields of media, politics (BMZ), science (Prof. Kurt Kotrschal), business (OEKO-TEX, Tchibo, Messe Frankfurt) and from NGOs (Femnet) talk about approaches, visions and solution strategies.
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In brief:

Digital conference GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++
When: 8. and 9. April 2021 – each 4 pm to 8 pm
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Without the support of our partners, we could neither implement the GREENSTYLE +++ (Responsible) Fashion Summit +++ nor offer it free of charge. Would you like to know who supported us (again) this time? The best partners ever. Therefore: Thank you very much for being by our side (again) and believing in us. You are the best.
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