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Kurt Kotrschal

Kurt Kotrschal

Kurt Kotrschal is not a scientist who sits in an ivory tower and occasionally shares the results of his work with the public. He is eloquent, writes, interferes, organizes the highly regarded Biologicum in Almtal, Upper Austria, and always takes a stand on current issues from a behavioral perspective. The renowned Austrian biologist and behavioral scientist recently published two very interesting books: “Mensch. Where do we come from, who we are, where we are going ”, published by Brandstätter Verlag and Residenzverlag published“ Can we still save people? Dangers and opportunities of our nature ”.

Kurt Kotrschal is among other things the founder of the Wolfsforschungszentrum (WSC) in Ernstbrunn, Lower Austria and, as the successor to Konrad Lorenz, headed the Konrad Lorenz Research Center in Grünau im Almtal for many years.

His book “Mensch” is preceded by the sentence: “People have to do their whole life to bring their phylogenetic-related systems under control.” His current research focus is on the “Conditio humana”, that is, what defines human beings. Why is it so important that we know more about ourselves? Our behavior today has a major impact on how we meet the challenges of climate change and whether we are ready to actively tackle changes. At the GREENSTYLE Conference, Kurt Kotrschal will speak on the topic: “Humans as creatures of habit. No change, nothing changes “.

If you want to get in the mood, you can listen to the podcast that Susanne recorded with Kurt Kotrschal last year.