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Atelier Courage

Atelier Courage – social production facility in Cologne

Driven by a lack of alternatives, Anna Jakob, Halina Hahn and Susanne Hütter founded the social production facility Atelier Courage in Cologne's Südstadt in 2023 and have shown since then that sustainable fashion with social impact can be produced in the heart of the Rhine metropolis.

The three career changers thought “Socially made in Cologne” and founded Atelier Courage in 2023 out of their passion for social projects and conscious fashion consumption. In their social production facility in the middle of Cologne, they are building a creative community in which local fashion labels and startups can realize their visions.

Atelier Courage

Durable, high-quality fashion is created locally from sustainable fabrics and materials as well as transparent and ecological supply chains. Prototypes and small collections are produced here with a focus on yoga and streetwear, as well as underwear and swimwear. But also clothing, bags and accessories made from light and heavy woven fabrics.

We are not only interested in inspiring the fashion industry, but also in encouraging people to shop more consciously and sustainably. Atelier Courage

But Atelier Courage is not only about sustainably produced fashion, but also about empowerment and social justice. The founding team understands this to mean fair and secure employment, especially for women who have a hard time on the job market. At Atelier Courage, they want to offer women with professional challenges a new perspective.

How did the idea for Atelier Courage come about? With their own brands and in exchange with other founders, Anna, Halina and Susi have experienced that there is a great need in Cologne and the surrounding area for local and affordable production facilities with no minimum order. It all started in 2023 with two professional sewing machines in the basement of the studio. 12 to 15 are planned in order to create even more jobs for women with refugee experience, disabilities or pensioners, for example.

Atelier Courage

With this concept, the founders show that sustainable fashion Made in Cologne is not a vision, but a reality.

The three founders are self-taught when it comes to using a sewing machine. They have backgrounds in architecture, graphic design, coaching and sociology. And that is exactly what they want to offer these women: the opportunity to change careers and to develop enthusiasm for creative work on a sewing machine.


Atelier Courage

Made in Atelier Courage: fair, resource-saving and locally produced. In addition to the start-up scholarship, the innovative concept has already been awarded the creative.projects23 prize from Creative NRW, among others. Winning the Rheinstart vote earned the ambitious founders an industrial sewing machine. And the award of the GREENSTYLE prize at the Textil.Accelerator at the University of Reutlingen enabled Atelier Courage to be included in the GREENSTYLE Brand Directory. We wish the committed trio every success!

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