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WeDress Collective

WeDress Collective – rent & repeat

With her community rental model WeDress Collective, Jasmin Huber makes it possible to borrow and lend high-quality fashion between private individuals and ensures a wide range of fashion choices with a minimal ecological footprint. She started her "Airbnb for Fashion" in autumn 2020 in Berlin, Munich and Vienna.

How can one combine consumption and sustainability in fashion? Jasmin Huber has asked herself this question since the accident (2013) in the Indian textile factory Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, where over a thousand textile workers were killed and more than twice as many were seriously injured. The Viennese by choice then questioned her own consumption. She has decided to leave fast fashion behind and only buy second hand. But she went one step further.

WeDress Collective

How can one combine consumption and sustainability in fashion? With creative ideas.

Jasmin Huber never let go of sustainability and the circular economy during her business studies in Vienna. She addressed these topics in her Bachelor and Master theses and finally brought in and deepened her expertise and passion for sustainable fashion in various job stations. Most recently as a sustainability consultant and auditor at the auditing and tax consulting company KPMG Austria GmbH.

The idea for the sharing platform arose out of private interest in a (more) sustainable fashion system and the conviction that many other consumers feel the same way.

Her personal interest in sustainable fashion and the considerations of how to live fashion and at the same time take on social and ecological responsibility have preoccupied her for a long time. Finally, she took the step to self-employment and went online with her WeDress Collective platform in September 2020. Her approach: to create an innovative platform for borrowing and lending high-quality fashion from private to private. Within a city. Instead, with a clear focus on the respective city identities and their own styles. Inclusion and diversity are a matter of course for Jasmin and can also be easily implemented thanks to the unfiltered offer.


WeDress Collective

WeDress Collective is not about doing without, but about enjoying fashion and consuming with a clear conscience.

In other words: private individuals in Berlin, Munich and Vienna can borrow and lend clothing items via WeDress Collective. There are also local quality brands and labels such as LENA KRIS, Julia Skergeth or La Katz, who offer their collections for hire. Fashion becomes more recyclable and resource-efficient if you borrow an evening dress for your best friend’s wedding, a blazer for a business dinner or simply buy a new piece for a new look. Thanks to WeDress Collective, resources that individuals currently do not need take on a completely new meaning: With Jasmin’s concept, consumers have the opportunity to monetize their wardrobe by lending out items of clothing. On the other hand, these same pieces of clothing lead fashion fans to update their wardrobes without wasting new resources. Win win.

WeDress Collective

Changing the fashion game city-by-city.

Every single person from Berlin, Munich or Vienna can take part if they want to upload clothes and accessories with a new price of at least 110 euros on the platform or if they want to rent clothes.

WeDress Collective has so far existed within the cities of Berlin, Munich and Vienna. Why is the rental concept based on the city? Bicycle couriers or personal delivery instead of post ensure that lending is even more resource-efficient. Pssst, good news: Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne are being planned. Here, too, WeDress Collective will work with local service providers to bring Amazon’s Amazon convenience claim – without the negative effects of Amazon, of course.

Good to know: quality

WeDress Collective also see its mission as creating an understanding and awareness of quality in the community. Means: What is real quality clothing and what distinguishes it?

Create a WeDress Collective Account now and borrow, lend, borrow >>>

WeDress Collective
Pictures: © WeDress Collective

#WeDressToExpress-Campaign by WeDress Collective

WeDress Collective follows the motto “Wear your values”, because fashion is more than just a piece of fabric. Fashion can and should be an expression of what we stand for. That is why the fashion needs of six strong women were brought to the point in a campaign. Regardless of how you dress, you always send a statement. With the #WeDressToExpress campaign, WeDress Collective would like to invite everyone to go one level deeper and understand fashion as an instrument and mirror for personal values.

#WeDressToExpress protagonists are Canel Aylin (model and feminist), Britt Kanja (stilicone of the Berlin cultural scene), Esther Rühe and Anna Kessel (‘Die Konsumentin’ online magazine), Laura Gehlharr (author, inclusion activist and coach) and Fabiana Lima (Model). 

Talents: @canel_aylin @britt.kanja@fraugehlhaar @fabivnalima@diekonsumentin
DOP/ Editor/ Photos : @franz.becker
Creative concept and Direction: @julia_rabello
Casting: @sesamyagency
Hair and Make-Up: @mariomendezmario
Location: @studio_cherie
Production: @julia_rabello @iamjasminpaola @sesamyagency
Published: 10.5.2021