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Denim patchwork: a new trend?

Working with waste materials is an artistic technique. And against the background of ever scarcer resources, it is more a necessity than a fad. Dior has also discovered this for itself.

In a spectacular show, Dior showed its Cruise collection and celebrated the craftsmanship. The fact that Maria Grazia has brought Chiuri denim patchwork to the catwalk is perhaps a cautious sign that the shift towards recyclable fashion has also arrived in high fashion.

Patch(=patch)work is the epitome of upcycling and an ancient method of extending the life span of textiles. If a garment was irreparable, it was dismantled and the parts still to be used – alone or in combination with other textile remnants – were reworked into something new. What was born out of necessity has now taken on a whole new significance in the face of textile waste mountains and dwindling resources.

Hardly any other technique illustrates the art of upcycling as much as patchwork.

Dior chief designer Maria Grazia Chiuri has recognised the importance of patchwork for herself and implemented it for the Cruise Collection in 2021. From countless denim patches, she has developed floor-length trousers with flare in all shades of blue.

This "trend" is not entirely new, however. Because upcycling labels such as DZAINO from Berlin and Bridge & Tunnel from Hamburg have been using discarded denim parts for years to manufacture their unique pieces.
© Dior
Denim Patchwork
© Dior
Denim Patwork
© Dior

However, this “trend” is not entirely new. Labels like DZAINO from Berlin, Bridge & Tunnel from Hamburg and other creative upcycling brands have been using discarded denim parts for years to produce their unique pieces.

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