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ZAMT – good leather goods

Conscious, contemporary, but nonetheless timeless are the three adjectives that best describe the Berlin leather label ZAMT by Zisan Buga and Max Reinhardt. The two – the viewer will not be surprised – have a background in fashion and architecture. In their label, they have combined their love of detail with their love of nature.

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BETTIBAG – vintage bags with a wow factor

In addition to all the other loud and casual statement (upcycling) bags, there is now the limited BETTIBAG x GREENSTYLE Collection with the iconic GMUC Monstera and revolutionary claims. Because: Revolution, Act Now and Change are the order of the day. Shop now: Available now via GREENSTYLE selected

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Nata Y Limón

Nata Y Limón – social business

Marlene Walter and Anne Schneider worked for various NGOs in Guatemala and Costa Rica before founding their social business, Nata Y Limón. Their goal is to provide long-term support to indigenous women in Guatemala.

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