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Cabin Core

Watch out trending! Cabin Core.

The trend is not trending yet - but by autumn at the latest it will be chased up and down on Insta and TikTok. The good thing about it: Unlike its predecessor, the cottage core trend, the cabin core is much easier to implement fashionably.

Do sustainable fashion and trends go together? This is discussed over and over again. We believe that chasing every short-lived trend by buying new, equally short-lived clothes to match is unsustainable. A trend – whatever crazy name it has – can (and may!) be found beautiful. And implement it if you feel like it. Ideally with clothes that you already own. Or buy second hand. Or temporarily bring it into your own closet via Renting Services (including CLOTHESfriends, Fairnica, Unown, Wedress Collective).

Cabin Core is about individual looks that add creativity to the everyday. That expresses the personality. Here (almost!) mismatched parts are combined. Dungarees meet frilly blouse, lumberjack shirt with pleated skirt, leather waistcoat with trousers with ethnic pattern, poncho with men’s shirt and tie. Honestly? We are happy to be there – we already have these (or similar parts) in the closet anyway. Now all you have to do is recombine…

Here you can find fairly produced cabin core pieces:

(which have the potential to become long-lasting favorites even after the cabin core trend has abated)

Cabin Core

Hemp dungarees by The Bad Seeds Company, around 155 euros (GREENSTYLE store) or via >>>
Poncho by Karin Fraidenraij, 119 euros (sale!) in the GREENSTYLE store or online at >>>
Limited turtleneck sweater by Achiy, around 298 euros. online about >>>
Desert Boot by Cano, around 119 euros online via >>>
Vegan biker jacket made from Piñatex by Angels Ambition, around 649 euros >>>
Wickelrock aus Leinen von Arkitaip, um 198 Euro via >>>
Palazzo pants by Belle Ikat, around 149 euros via >>>
Workwear jacket “Elin” by Christiane Strobel, around 199 euros via >>>