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Lisa Jaspers

Lisa Jaspers founded FOLKDAYS together with her friend Kimon Haars.
Lisa Jaspers
© Joanna Catherine Schröder

The goal of the Berlin lifestyle brand: to make Fairtrade attractive to a younger, design-savvy target group in Germany. Over the past few years, Lisa Jaspers has generated secure income for hundreds of people with FOLKDAYS; many of them live in the poorest, most remote places in the world.

After studying political science and development economics at the Free University of Berlin and the London School of Economics, Lisa Jaspers worked for OXFAM and an international consulting firm

The activist is the initiator of the #fairbylaw petition on, which calls on the German government to pass a law on corporate due diligence. Such a legal regulation would make companies liable for environmental and human rights violations if they neglect their corporate due diligence abroad. Almost 160,000 people have now signed the petition.