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Magdalena Schaffrin

Magdalena Schaffrin
© Magdalena Schaffrin

Magdalena Schaffrin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kaleidoscope, a creative agency based in Berlin. Kaleidoscope is working with fashion and sustainability in the fields of strategic consulting, concept development, creative and content direction.

2016 she developed the coffee-table book “Fashion Made Fair” together with Ellen Köhrer, which gives an overview on the most important contemporary brands and experts from the different fields in sustainability in fashion. To be honest: it was the very first “Fair Fashion Bible” in Germany, that show, that sustainable fashion has the power to be the next big thing.

She co-founded the Greenshowroom in 2009, a fashion trade fair for sustainable high fashion, today known as Neonyt, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation.

She is the creative director of Neonyt and responsible for the Neonyt Fashion Show, what is the biggest fair fashion fair for B2B in the world

For us Magdalena is the German eco deluxe pioneer. Reed more about Magdalena Schaffrin on (new interview is coming up soon)