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Christina Eckert

Christina Eckert, CMO of Wildling Shoes, chose the pretty town of Bamberg to be her place to settle. There she lives with her husband and two children after being on the move the 20 years before.
Christina Eckert
© Christina Eckert

„Wanderlust and curiosity are the things that keep me going“ – new places, new projects, new people. The global company with strict hierarchies, check clock and business suit wasn´t her happy place after graduating in Business Administration. So she turned her back, and jumped into the cold water with a start up that produces and sells minimal shoes.

Being able to lead a team at Wildling Shoes which is spread all over Germany and further, bringing ideas into a company with a higher purpose and a true vision, and having the freedom to make work a happy part of life is the perfect match for her.