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Swedish Fall

Swedish Fall – smart Active Wear

The two most important topics at Swedish Fall? Stop overproduction and encourage recycling of old clothes from customers ”. That means: closing the loop. The corresponding goals are ambitious, because the company is determined to become a fashion pioneer in a circular economy.

And what does the Brand have to do with Sweden? In fact, nothing. The extremely clean look of the leggings, bustiers and jumpers, which is reminiscent of Scandinavian design, is not responsible for the naming. Swedish Fall is the name of a cheerleading pyramid and a throwback to the cheerleading commitment of the founders Silja and Lara Stallbaum, Marius Krüger and Jonas Detlefsen during their university days.

We are determined to become the fashion pioneers in a “circular economy”.

In order to avoid having unsaleable goods in stock, the data-based fashion tech company collects between 1,000 and 10,000 customer feedbacks on color, size and preferences before each product launch. Production can accordingly be carried out as required. How effective this approach is can be seen, for example, when products without a bestseller potential can be withdrawn from the range in this way before production. Quite apart from the fact that surveys of this kind result in strong customer loyalty.

Swedish Fall

Fashion Waste is uncool.

30 billion tons of clothing per year are not sold.
Every German throws an average of 4.7 kg of clothing in the trash per year.
95 percent of all clothing thrown away at home can still be worn, reused or recycled.
Less than 1 percent of all clothing is recycled.
If clothing is actively used for nine months longer, water consumption, CO2 emissions and fashion waste drop by a whopping 20-30%.
Every ton of clothing that is “extended” prevents CO2 from entering the atmosphere by 20 tons.
Every fifth item of clothing is unworn.

With a smart concept, Swedish Fall wants to raise awareness of these grievances. Therefore, with every Swedish Fall product purchased, the customer can return an item of clothing (including sneakers and shoes) from her wardrobe (free of charge!). Swedish Fall collects and sends these textiles to its partner I:CO for sorting. Here it is separated into wearable or recyclable and non-recyclable. A large part can still be worn and, after reprocessing, is passed on to markets that need well-preserved clothing. The rest is mechanically recycled for use as fiber in the fashion industry or other industries.

This is new: Swedish Fall Box

The Swedish Fall Activewear is available individually in the shop. Special discounts are available with the Swedish Fall Box, which is made from sustainably produced (grass paper) cardboard and sent free of charge to try on. The four products are selected by the customer. The stylist team adds two more products based on size & color preferences. The delivery takes place once or every three months as a subscription.

Quick reminder – fashion waste is uncool. So: think before you buy.

Products made from recycled materials are planned for 2021/2022. Until then, vegan materials will be used that are free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes according to strict control specifications by OEKO Tex Standard 100. All products are REACH-compliant (EU regulation for protection against chemicals) in order to rule out any health risks. You can read more about this here.

Lack of transparency is sooo 2015. We want you to know where we produce, how we produce and what steps we are taking next. Like any other fashion brand, we’re not perfect yet (who is that?). But we are determined not just to close the fashion loop, we are determined to do everything possible to make our supply chain, production and work ethic completely transparent.

Swedish Fall’s long-term plan is to close the loop completely so as not to use up new resources. However, this requires innovative recycling processes to turn old clothes into new ones. Until technical solutions are found, the company works transparently on all levels on its further development

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