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Post Corona

Post Corona Trends – #ourpostpandemicfuture

Even if sustainable fashion does not follow classic trends, many consumers do follow them – consciously or unconsciously. The last weeks and months of the lockdown have shown this. Face masks became a hyped fashion accessory, business fashion was exchanged for homewear. Minimalism is also higher on the agenda again in post Corona time.

#1 Post Corona Trends: Welcome home – Loungewear

Formal business fashion has lost a lot of its importance throughout the lockdown. Instead, the demand for casual loungewear has increased. This is a clear reaction to working in home office. Even if people are slowly returning to their workplaces – working from home will also become more common post-corona. Relaxed clothing has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

♦ That means: jumpsuits, leggings, underwired bras and tops, sweaters, socks

♦ Can be found at, among other things: Achahha, anekdot, Another Brand, Fitbuddha, HOWcosy, Phyne

Post Corona

#2 Post Corona Trends: Stay healthy – Active Wear

During the lockdown, the number of fans of outdoor sports like jogging, walking or cycling exploded. The motto “nature instead of Netflix” everyone ran and cycled like crazy. Accordingly, the demand for sportswear was (and still is) strong.

♦ That means: leggings, sports shoes

♦ Can be found at: ambiletics, Another Brand, montreet, kaipara

Post Corona

#3 Post Corona Trends: High on the agenda – minimalism

Based on the trends following the global financial crisis in 2008, further demand in the area of minimalism can be expected. Logomania & Co. make way for timeless classics.

♦ That means: trench coat, white blouse, T-shirt, jeans

♦ Can be found at: LangerChen, Lanius, Lana, The Colorful Crew, Dawn Denim

Post Corona

#4 Post Corona Trends: Must Have – Face masks

While masks have been worn in Asia for a long time as a sign of respect, the face mask in our latitudes only entered the streets with the corona virus. Besides the medical masks, individual styles made of cotton have become must-haves.

Can be found at: GREENSTYLE, Phyne, nat2, Armedangels, Akjumii, Sophia Schneider Esleben

Post Corona